Friday, January 13, 2017

The Bible - Man's Users Manual

Hey guys!!!

Life is different  for each and every one - The rich, the poor, man, woman, sick, healthy, young, old, etc..etc... etc...

All are unhappy with their circumstances

Have you wondered why?

Well, since I have my own set of mind, idling around, I couldn't find any answers to that complicated question.  So the answer struck me when I bought a watch for my son.

The first thing he did was, he started reading the users manual. I for one, was shocked.  For me, watch is just for looking time and well for setting the alarm. So, I asked my son, why are you reading the users manual? the shopkeeper has already explained to you in great detail, how it works. So why bother with this book?  shaking his head  he replied, "Mom, he just gave me a general idea, but if I have to show my friends why I bought this watch, I should know its very best features, and in the Users Manual,  the makers specify it in a clear cut way. If we follow it by the book, it will last long and without any problem, than tinkering around with the gadget and dumping it in the service centre. Its always best to be aware of its best features."

I was like "WOW!!!!" Yes, what he said is true.

So, if that small measly gadget has a Users Manual, then for sure, we, the most best creation of Earth too will have a Users Manual -

  1. to know how you and me can work smoothly without creating any problems. 
  2. What one should do when a problem arises. 
  3. The best features we have
What do you think, can it be true? Well, I decided to find out.

Then the next problem came, where can I find Man's Users Manual?

I know, if ever, The Users manual was provided, then it has been in existence for sometime. But I am a woman, and I want to make my life wrinkle free. So, to get the answers, I from the very bottom of my heart wished, "God, give me the answers. And here, is what I got. I am not a scholar or a theologian. I am just Meena, human daughter, sister, wife and mother. So whatever I say, take it in the innocence of a child. With a clean slate.

I am a Christian, I know the abcs of Christianity but not the very higher level or in depth of the religion.  But my background is based on the Bible and I found the exact User's Manual - in The Bible. Yes, I know, you are rolling your eyes. But hear me out. 

There are many Holy Books of several religions and they are all right and correct.  I respect them and hold them in very high esteem. As the saying goes, "All streams and rivers and seas lead to the ocean. No matter what the religion, all religions believe in One God." Since I have not a deep knowledge of all these sacred books, I am just focusing only on the Sacred Book I know - The Bible. I only want to show the User's Manual, so that you and me live harmoniously within our Self.

In the Bible, there is the New Testament - The Life and Teachings of Jesus, that is where I found the Users Manual.

This part is like a story book, easy to understand, but still holds depth, very deep meaning.

We are going to look at the life of Jesus step by step.

I am going to start with the conception of Jesus

The story begins thus, An angel named Gabriel informed Mary, that God has decided to give her a baby boy even before she was married and His name will be Jesus and the whole life history of Jesus, within two sentences. Just Imagine!!!!! Huh!!! its a bit scary right? An unmarried lady, who is not even betrothed, being informed this way, well, that is how we were all born, even before our parents marriage or without marriage, our existence was planned.

Well that is what I want to inform you, we were not born because our parents wanted us. We were born because God wanted us to be here - for a Purpose. Do not blame the parents for creating us. When you shout at them, saying, "I didn't ask you to create me. " They do not even have a clue, how we got in their tummy. They cannot create a life from nothing, can they? So find peace with the circumstance you are in. Your parents have no role in your destiny. No role in your circumstances. You have to grow above your circumstances. Don't shout at them. Instead they should shout at you and me for bringing me and you in their lives. Be nice to them and respect them and all the people who meet in your lives.

Now you and I start a journey through our Users Manual. So that you and I understand the intricacies of this complicated life in a simplified way.

Have a nice day. See you.


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