Friday, January 20, 2017

Bible - Man's Users Manual - The Parables - The Mustard Seed

Hey Guys

There is one thing that is very good to know in the bible regarding the life of Jesus, there is no mention of his adolescent age, his youth, his growing period as man.

What does that mean?

Simple, the rest is left to you. Your decision, your plans, your experiences. But whatever it is, it is solely your responsibility. It is made by you, all the circumstances you are currently facing.

Its like the rising and setting sun, the plant growing and dying. Its a cycle, if you do something, you will have to face the consequences good or bad. So now Jesus comes in front of the public at the age of late 20s and early 30s.

He didn't just get out of His house and started His work. He prayed on the hill top for 40 days without food and filled Himself with the Spirit of God, by baptising Himself in the river Jordan, then He started his public life.

Now, that's trouble!!!! Imagine all the people, either on the mountains or dipping themselves in the river before any venture? We human Beings are good at making resolutions and breaking them the very next moment, so if we decide to do something, we are going to pray, to give us the strength and then after the necessary prayer and the anointing of ourselves with the Spirit of God, we face the world and that is where we should have the capability to stay strong.

The world is the best place to break our Self. So the mountain where the Bible says is the Ego and we should be above the ego to be in contact with God. And the anointing happens when we are humble. Bend low over the depth of our soul

He is more wise and He knows, what He has come here for. Even if He was a man, he obeyed His mother because, His father had passed away while He was young. The best proof of His obedience to His parent is the first miracle in Canaan, changing water into wine.

You might be wondering, why Jesus called His mother "Woman", instead of mother or mom or whatever every child calls its mother with love and respect.

Jesus called His mother Woman because it's a designation - A Woman is lady without Sin. Its like calling Mr. President. Its a mark of respect. Before, there was only one woman before Mother Mary, it was Eve. God created her with her own hands. But Mother Mary became the mother of Jesus by choice. You know, when Archangel Gabriel introduced himself and informed Mary about the wish of God, she didn't say, "Let me think. She said, "Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it done unto me according to your word."

That is how she is chosen as the Woman. So, if the Son of God calls His mother, Woman, then it is with utmost respect and reverence. 

In the Bible, there is one thing you should know, don't take in the literal sense or materialistic sense or human sense, its far deeper and each and every person should gain wisdom in this lifetime to know the real meaning of what the Bible says.

Jesus, in his public life said lots of parables, it was all easy to understand because its all the parables, the common man is in contact in his daily life. But the meaning is crap when we take it in the literal sense of the words.

One such parable, The Mustard Seed

"Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

Well, truly, don't we have an iota of faith? Nothing!!!! its preposterous. According to what Jesus said, we would have seen mountains flying all over the place, right. But why isn't it moving? Don't we have faith even the size of the Mustard? That small a seed?

That is the beauty of the parables of Jesus. The exact meaning is, cut the mustard seed and you can see, that there isn't even a micro space within, That is what Jesus meant, if you have faith without any doubt, then surely, you can move the mountain.

So never take the parables of Jesus in the literal sense because that would not make sense. 

But to get the in depth knowledge of each parable, then you really will have to gain wisdom, which is a gift, to those who ask God.

Hope the Bible can guide you through the right path. I will explain the parables  one by one each day because that is an important factor in our day to day life. That is why Jesus used day - to - day things in the parables in the User's manual of Man. So that we can reach God quickly and in a simple way. 

See you.


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bible - Man's Users Manual - Parents

Hey Guys

When you are a child, if your parents are spiritual, they will surely make you to pray to God, no matter whatever reasons you put against it. You are in a phase where you have been introduced to God. You either go to Church, Temple, Mosque, Gurudwara, etc.... on a daily basis or weekly basis or monthly basis, according to the circumstances. From childhood to youth is a long time and that is how it was for Jesus too. That phase of His life is explained in two simple sentence.

"Then he went down to Nazareth with them (He was 12 yrs old at this time) and was obedient to them." 

"And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men"

When you live obedient to your family, I have found that the children are much more focused and live wisely. They become stronger, both physically and mentally. That is an important message I would like to pass, to all children. 

"Obey and Respect unconditionally your Parents and Elders"

My sisters-in-law, they are 4 of them. They are very hard working, very neat and clean, very systematic and they never have any work backlogs. And when they come to the ancestral home, they do help me a lot because I was with their parents. But one thing I have found is and which I never liked is, they respected their father and humiliated their mother. 

Well, their mother gave them cause for it, for sure. She never keeps her clothes clean. She always makes them dirty and she is just like a child. After eating, she never washes her hands, just wipes it on her dress. She mixes the spoons of different curries, which results in the food going bad. She was indeed a nightmare. But their mother, who was my mother-in-law hated me, real hated me, I was the one and only person who received the brunt of all her anger, hatred, etc..etc... I love parents, whether it is mine or others also, I really do respect them. So I never complained whenever she harasses me, which was everyday, I just accepted it and did what was right, never complaining because if ever. I remember, she throwing all the food, just to spite me, but never once I complained. Anyway, her daughters whenever they come from their husband's place criticized her for her actions and they do not even look around whether somebody else is hearing.

In the end, my mother-in-law asked forgiveness to me for her actions, and after two weeks she had a stroke which resulted in her passing away. You know, during that time, my mother-in-law said, "Child, I have always wondered, why all my children are angry with, even for once, I have never felt loved and to you, I have harassed you so much, still you didn't complain. Why are my children against me, is it because I am dark complexioned. Is it because I have no education?"

I felt sad, I really do not know the answer to this because, for me, its a new experience to see a child talking roughly to their parents. Yes, they had their reasons, but for me there was only one reason, why our parents need our respect. Do you want to know what?

They took care of us, in their own way, when we were born, educated us, clothed us, gave us food, fulfilled our needs. They could have thrown us in the streets, that they didn't do. So, a simple thank you would not be sufficient for all the hardships they faced. And I would respect all the elderly, no matter, whether they are good or bad.

And you know, what these daughters are facing, their children are humiliating them. Seeing the way, the children treating them I really felt bad. But that is how it is. Each and every action you do to your parent is accountable because, God gave them to us, so that they are the right people for us and give them the respect and privilege they are entitled to their position.

So as the Bible says,

Live with your family (father &/or mother) obeying them. Then you will grow in wisdom and stature in favour of God and man.

Hope you understood.

See you.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bible - Man's Users Manual - Spirituality

Hey Guys

As I always say, to start at the beginning is more easier to understand than barging in between. This is the continuation of the previous posts, so if you want to understand the head and tail of what I am saying please do read the previous posts heading
Bible - Man's Users Manual
I was actually planning to do this as a book, but I thought that if there are any criticisms and ideas of yours, I can incorporate in these posts and in the end make it as a book because you guys are also part of the universe that God has created and you are an integral part for my growth and the growth of the Universe, so its essential to accept and respect you as you are.

"Blessed are the children, whose parents guide them to God." 
As children, we are not aware of the spiritual aspect of our existence. But every parent has a duty to guide their children to the Creator.

Jesus' Parents also did the same, whatever religion they followed, they made sure Jesus also followed them. Even though He is the Son of God, he had to follow what His parents taught Him, no matter whether He liked it or not, whether it is right or wrong. He had to follow the rules and regulations of the society. That is how we should be too. No matter what, when young, it is the duty of all children including you and me, to obey our parents. That is what God wants us to do, just follow our parents blindly. 

You might be wondering then what happens to the children, whose parents are always in the wrong side of law, who is/are not a good role model?
The answer is, the children who is born to them will become a role model for them. Which means, God will take care of each and every child, whether they are parents or grandparents or great grand parents because they all are the Children of God and they are supposed to guide each other. 
Now you know, you do not need to be unnecessarily tensed by the circumstances or the people (good and bad) we are surrounded with. They are there for our good. We are here for a purpose, to guide ourselves to God and to guide others towards Him. 
But one thing is very important, it is when we are initiated spiritually, the trigger is activated and we get connected to God. That means, we know that God is our creator and He is our provider. You and me become one with God. If you are one with God, then what about the people around you? They too are one with God and that makes you and me as One Family. Then what is the point of anger and hatred.
So whenever you are in need, in trouble, you are lonely, you are angry, look to God, He knows how to guide you through the right path and he can do it so perfectly that even the best of people cannot do it so.
That is why, I told you guys, in the beginning, "Blessed are those children, who are initiated spiritually in a very young age." 
Guys, don't take it any wrong sense, spirituality is a necessity and also a luxury for the benefit of our Higher Self.

See you.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Bible - Man's Users Manual - Empty Handed

Hey Guys!!!

This is the continuation of the previous post, so if you want to understand the head and tail of what I am saying please do read the previous posts heading
Bible - Man's Users Manual from the beginning.

Now Jesus was born and seeing His situation, we feel, He is going to starve. Actually He was born in a Cow Shed and still the Kings came, the shepherd's came. The best part is, all were informed by an external force, the Angels for the shepherd and the Star for the Magis, which is above all human knowledge and thought,  they all came bearing gifts and the gifts that the Kings brought would take care of Jesus and His family without any impoverishment for His entire lifetime and much more and the lambs from the shepherds for the daily needs.

Do you know what that means?

There would be people who would be brought for our express needs and our needs are taken care of no matter where we are born, how we are born or to whom we are born - our daily needs as well as needs we have during our lifetime. (We are a gift to our parents, don't you think so?) Seeing this part, don't ask your parents where is the money God gave. It comes at the nick of time.

Now I want you to know, we do not have to look for our next food or shelter or clothing because the provision which has been set for us, is far superior than we can strive for. But unfortunately, we think, that it is our duty to meet our own needs. That thought comes, when you and I forget, that you and I are the children of God and instead, I think I am the daughter of Mathew and Gracy and you the child of your earthly parents. When that thought comes, you struggle in your existence. You cannot make two ends meet. That is why Jesus said in the Bible,

"Look at the birds. They don't plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren't you far more valuable to him than they are?"

"And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin."

"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?"

So now you know, you are not here to look for worldly needs but spiritual needs. Tomorrow, we are going to see how we get in contact with our Creator!!!!! Well, Naturally through the Users Manual - The Bible.

Live Your Life Guys Simply!!!!!!!

Take care.

See you.


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bible - Man's Users Manual - Man's Birth

Dear Friends

Before starting, I would like to know why we are here in the first place and why we are taking the life of Jesus as our User's Manual

  1. Do you think, that Jesus- The Son of God, should be born at all? No. 
Ans :- God promised Adam that He will reinstate Man to the garden of Eden and be with God, where there are no mediators only Man & God. Now it is the duty of man to follow exactly what God says to return back to Him. And that is why Jesus was born, to show us the way to God, to Eden.

That is why Jesus told, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." 

That is why we are using Jesus life as our Users manual to reach the Garden of Eden. 

Believe Me, its not Easy!!! 

Back to the Explanation :-

So now, we know that even before the parents of Jesus were married, Jesus was conceived without any physical involvement or in any physical sense with Mary by anyone. That means, we  too were not born of any physical involvement or by any lust of flesh, but by a much more higher, powerful spiritual plan.

Our Birth Place :-

Jesus was supposed to be born in Nazareth, because His parents were living there and they had a very good house for sure and by no chance were they supposed to shift from their home and especially when Mary was with child. But, it was already decided that Jesus was to be born in Bethlehem and for that only reason, look at all the circumstances created. Look at all the hardships Jesus' parents had to go through. But still His parents went through it all and to add much more hardship, they did not even have a place to stay in Bethlehem. They accepted whatever they got under that circumstance.

Really!!! its too much when we look at it in the perspective of Jesus' parents, right? Jesus was comfortable in His mother's womb. But as per the Higher Plan, they got a place to stay, a very warm and cosy place, a place were love is given freely between the inhabitants - A Cow Shed - The birth place of Jesus.

Now, we are going to take the place of Jesus.   Please make note:-  Purposefully our parents would never give any hardship to themselves or to us, but as you now know, it has already been decided that they, and as well as us will have to go through the situations we are born in. To be frank, the situations they are in is all because of you and me, right? So don't you think, that they have a good reason to hold a grudge against us? But they don't, because they were destined to love us, no matter what.

Now you know, we are destined to be born where we are born, we do not have a choice and your parents do not have a choice.

So just shrug and swallow this truth happily.

See you tomorrow.


Friday, January 13, 2017

The Bible - Man's Users Manual

Hey guys!!!

Life is different  for each and every one - The rich, the poor, man, woman, sick, healthy, young, old, etc..etc... etc...

All are unhappy with their circumstances

Have you wondered why?

Well, since I have my own set of mind, idling around, I couldn't find any answers to that complicated question.  So the answer struck me when I bought a watch for my son.

The first thing he did was, he started reading the users manual. I for one, was shocked.  For me, watch is just for looking time and well for setting the alarm. So, I asked my son, why are you reading the users manual? the shopkeeper has already explained to you in great detail, how it works. So why bother with this book?  shaking his head  he replied, "Mom, he just gave me a general idea, but if I have to show my friends why I bought this watch, I should know its very best features, and in the Users Manual,  the makers specify it in a clear cut way. If we follow it by the book, it will last long and without any problem, than tinkering around with the gadget and dumping it in the service centre. Its always best to be aware of its best features."

I was like "WOW!!!!" Yes, what he said is true.

So, if that small measly gadget has a Users Manual, then for sure, we, the most best creation of Earth too will have a Users Manual -

  1. to know how you and me can work smoothly without creating any problems. 
  2. What one should do when a problem arises. 
  3. The best features we have
What do you think, can it be true? Well, I decided to find out.

Then the next problem came, where can I find Man's Users Manual?

I know, if ever, The Users manual was provided, then it has been in existence for sometime. But I am a woman, and I want to make my life wrinkle free. So, to get the answers, I from the very bottom of my heart wished, "God, give me the answers. And here, is what I got. I am not a scholar or a theologian. I am just Meena, human daughter, sister, wife and mother. So whatever I say, take it in the innocence of a child. With a clean slate.

I am a Christian, I know the abcs of Christianity but not the very higher level or in depth of the religion.  But my background is based on the Bible and I found the exact User's Manual - in The Bible. Yes, I know, you are rolling your eyes. But hear me out. 

There are many Holy Books of several religions and they are all right and correct.  I respect them and hold them in very high esteem. As the saying goes, "All streams and rivers and seas lead to the ocean. No matter what the religion, all religions believe in One God." Since I have not a deep knowledge of all these sacred books, I am just focusing only on the Sacred Book I know - The Bible. I only want to show the User's Manual, so that you and me live harmoniously within our Self.

In the Bible, there is the New Testament - The Life and Teachings of Jesus, that is where I found the Users Manual.

This part is like a story book, easy to understand, but still holds depth, very deep meaning.

We are going to look at the life of Jesus step by step.

I am going to start with the conception of Jesus

The story begins thus, An angel named Gabriel informed Mary, that God has decided to give her a baby boy even before she was married and His name will be Jesus and the whole life history of Jesus, within two sentences. Just Imagine!!!!! Huh!!! its a bit scary right? An unmarried lady, who is not even betrothed, being informed this way, well, that is how we were all born, even before our parents marriage or without marriage, our existence was planned.

Well that is what I want to inform you, we were not born because our parents wanted us. We were born because God wanted us to be here - for a Purpose. Do not blame the parents for creating us. When you shout at them, saying, "I didn't ask you to create me. " They do not even have a clue, how we got in their tummy. They cannot create a life from nothing, can they? So find peace with the circumstance you are in. Your parents have no role in your destiny. No role in your circumstances. You have to grow above your circumstances. Don't shout at them. Instead they should shout at you and me for bringing me and you in their lives. Be nice to them and respect them and all the people who meet in your lives.

Now you and I start a journey through our Users Manual. So that you and I understand the intricacies of this complicated life in a simplified way.

Have a nice day. See you.


Friday, January 6, 2017

Tips to Make Oldage a Happy One

Hey Guys!!!!

I happened to read in one brochure, Oldness can be loneliness. Do you think so?

For me, I don't. I have always wondered that old age is the best time to be peaceful and quiet. If you have a family, who is OK with caring their elderly parents or family members, then oldage is the best time. Well if there isn't a family, then too, its the best time!!!!

There is one thing you should remember, we cannot make anybody happy with our good actions and intentions, but we can make ourselves happy, right? So do what is right and be happy, whether you are young or old.

Now consider I am also old, I make my old age happy by

1. Just zipping my mouth shut. No free advice, unless asked. - Each word is more powerful than a two edged sword. It can hurt not only the other person but also myself. So its better to shut up most of the time and save myself from heart break!!!! That's my policy

 Free Advice :- Anywhere in the world, whether you are young or old, you will be acceptable easily and loved unconditionally if you forego  this appendage - the Tongue

Now for the elderly who live at home :-

We (Old People) can make a difference in the life of our family,

  1. By helping the person in the kitchen, by peeling onions, garlic, etc.... Try not to wash any China, if accidentally it breaks, that would be another problem.
  2. Men can go shopping, when they go for a walk in the evening, with the regular buddies not the big shopping list, just some vegetables or some knick knack groceries,  its actually a life saver for the person who prepares food.
  3. Be a play mate for the grand kids or any small kids of the family by telling good, positive stories to them and helping them and guiding them in the right direction. Make sure you say the good of their parents and never ever say bad of them. Remember
  4. Be invisible when there is a visitor in the family or party in the family.
  5. Never ask anybody to take you out. Then you might wonder what will you do at home. For that, you should have some sort of activity at home. I read books. I have cultivated that habit from very long. I have my own e reader, so that I do not create any junk in my room.  There are several choices, just check your preferences, you can buy a small music system and hear music. You can have your own television or DVD player and watch movies. You can do gardening, vegetable garden, drawing, painting, writing, etc...etc...
  6. Try to maintain your health, that is very important, sickness is one thing, that can break even the most powerful of people. Try to add Aloe Vera Gel in your diet morning and night (For Complete Planned Food), Fields of Greens (Balancing the PH of our body) and  Heat Lotion for aching joints. This will really help us to walk to our grave. without home nurse or doctors or medicines.
  7. Give the body the most needed rest. If you feel like lying down do that, do not go against body's need. It will save lots of bodily discomforts.
  8. Eat on time and do not over eat and eat what they put in front of you because that is what we are entitled to for the moment. (We didn't have an option of who our parents should be when we were born, where we were born, which family we were born, etc... likewise, nobody hates us we are in whatever situation, because we are supposed to be in that situation and the food which are served to us is what it is supposed to be. So don't put reasons for the bad food or little food. Just have it.
  9. For the financial part, I know that there are many of us, who will have to rely on our children for our personal sustenance, but I have found a trick, where I do not need to ask any money from anybody. I pay 10 percent of whatever income I get to the very needy and when I give them, I say to God, "God I am giving you back the 10 percent of what You gave me, deposit it in my account. I know you are skeptical. But believe me, I never have any money in my pocket or in the bank, but I am never short of money when I need it because I request God's bank to release the amount I need. I never ask a single penny from anybody, it comes to me, just like that. You don't believe me. Then try it. That is the best way to believe.
  10. The Last but the most important. Be Happy!!!! No matter what your circumstance is Forgive your mistakes  as well as others. Life is too good to hold anger and grudges. 
But if I am put in an old age home, Yippie!!!! I do not have to do anything stated above, just eat, sleep and play. That is the best way to live the last part of my life. You know what, its a gift our children or our family has bestowed on us,  because they love us. So accept it.

Be silent whenever you get the opportunity - Silence is the best communication tool with our own self. There is a soul within you and me. This soul is what carries the physical young & old body of ours. It has no age (its always young, whether you are 1 or 10 or 100) but we are not aware of this soul being, until death. So, old age is the time to know the best you, - through silence, as we do not have anything to do. If you find it, believe in it. The decisions it gives you are very very wise. Hear it, you will be invincible, nobody can hurt you, you will always be on the right and you will start appreciating life and its gifts.

So attitude is what makes your life bearable. Think positive and thank the Supreme power to have given this opportunity to make a difference to at least one person in our life who came in contact with us.

Be glad to be old, I am. Happy Old age.