Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Forever Business - Real Opportunity, Ordinary People and Real Money - Simon Davidson

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Real Opportunity, Ordinary People and Real Money Through Forever
Forever Living offers a unique opportunity to promote better health and wealth for those willing to capitalize on this incredible opportunity. If you need more proof, talk to one of thousands Entrepreneurs Forever living the dream every day. 

Mr. Simon Davidson
Simon Davidson
‘It’s been a fantastic journey with FLP & I can see how FLP has changed the lives of many distributors in India. I joined FOREVER in the year 2000 when FLP had a 3 Room office with hardly any products in India. That time when I used to tell my friends about Forever Living they use to laugh at me & say is this a company or a poetry? They even use to discourage me and tell me that this company would not last. My parents were even against me for Forever Living as I was doing well as a swimming coach & my grooming classes. So it was a lot of negative influences from friends & family, but I had a belief in me that this is a God sent opportunity not only financially but the good I will be doing for mankind.
I have already travelled to more than 25-30 cities internationally, and I have qualified for 4 car plans from the company. Many people ask me what is the secret of my success??? I always tell them to believe in yourself and the power of Forever that you can share with others around you…
'Self confidence is a pre-requisite to a positive attitude.’

Simon Davidson, took home an astounding amount of Rs 55,61,849.53/-. 

To watch him speak about his experience at the Global Rally Click on the picture below.

Hope you would reinvent your life, where you can give more for the upliftment of society as well as yours....

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