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Forever Business- Real Opportunity, Ordinary People and Real Money - Sunil Gupta

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Real Opportunity, Ordinary People & Real Money - Forever Business
Forever Living offers a unique opportunity to promote better health and wealth for those willing to capitalize on this incredible opportunity. If you need more proof, talk to one of thousands Entrepreneurs Forever living the dream every day. 

The best way to learn about Forever Living's opportunity is to listen to our Distributors. Like many of you, these same people were nervous and hesitant to take control of their financial futures. However many of them did, and they have never looked back. Take a look at one of the distributor's stories:

Mr. Sunil Gupta

Sunil Gupta

‘My journey with FOREVER started way back before it had even come to India. I basically belong to a village in Uttar Pradesh, India. Previously, I was in a private job for about 4 years mostly in Delhi. As I was always lived hand to mouth, I used to think whether my life will always be below average and whether I would be able to own a big car, big house and lead a good life. These questions were all the time haunting me in my mind .Thinking this would not be possible in a job I decided to leave my job against the wishes of my parents and in-laws, but my wife always supported me. I started a traditional business and it was doing well for quiet some time but suddenly there were losses due to bad debts. All my earnings got wiped out and I was in heavy debts.
I started looking for a safe business and I developed an inclination for network marketing. I studied more than 30 Multi-Level Marketing companies for about 3 months and then saw what Forever Living had to offer. It had not even come to India yet, but I waited and decided to make my career only with Forever Living which I thought is the ultimate opportunity.

I started the Forever Business part time and soon started earning more income than I had ever seen in my traditional business. At this time Forever Living did not even have an office in New Delhi and was in the process of set up in India. I got serious about the Forever Business and started giving more and more time to it. As my team grew and more business started coming from New Delhi, the company opened its first regional office here. Today, I have a great team of fantastic and inspiring leaders who have helped take our business to new levels.

Having been with the company for so many years, there are so many things that I have received – today I earn an 8 figure income from FLP, own a big house in the heart of Delhi City, many cars parked in the compound, get to travel every year to different countries and lead a lifestyle of my dreams! Apart from that, I have two daughters today, whose future I never have to worry about.
The credit of all this goes to Forever Living! ‘
Mr. Sunil Gupta, has qualified 12 times for this incentive . He has taken a cheque of above Rs 1 Crore four times in row. Till Date, he has earned Rs 10,70,40,477.39/- (Ten Crore) only in Chairman's Bonuses. This year, he took home an eye-popping amount of Rs 1,03,19,793.62/- (One Crore) as a Level 2 Qualifier.

Here you might wonder, that you do not need that much money to live, but think how much do we have to work to just get your sufficient money in your current job? I only can make you see, the decision is yours to make. 
Hope You take a positive outlook.
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