Thursday, June 23, 2016

Forever Business - Real Opportunity, Ordinary People and Real Money - Prem & Sujatha Rajan

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Real Opportunity, Ordinary People and Real Money - Forever Business
Forever Living offers a unique opportunity to promote better health and wealth for those willing to capitalize on this incredible opportunity. If you need more proof, talk to one of thousands Entrepreneurs Forever living the dream every day. 

The best way to learn about Forever Living's opportunity is to listen to our Distributors. Like many of you, these same people were nervous and hesitant to take control of their financial futures. However many of them did, and they have never looked back. Take a look at one of the distributor's stories:

Prem & Sujatha Rajan

'Sometimes a small change can make a very big difference. I filled up the FLP distributor application form and started the business on a part time basis without disturbing my traditional computer business. All I did was very minor adjustments in my routine and the results were overwhelming.

Nearly 10 years have passed since that half hearted decision of joining FLP. I have come a long way in achieving what I would never have imagined; a special status in society, several trips around the world, and financial freedom in no uncertain terms. This is a unique concept where you can grow by helping the needy or build a career by sharing the opportunity - an incredible way of becoming richer without making anybody poor. '

Sujatha and Prem Rajan took home a cheque of Rs 74,61,938.58/- as their Chairman's Bonus this year. They are Level 2 Qualifiers.

Hope you would reinvent your life, where you can give more for the upliftment of society as well as yours....

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