Monday, May 2, 2016

Why Forever Aloe Vera?

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We have several Aloe Vera products in the market, and still I recommend only Forever Aloe Vera. You might be wondering why?

Hmmm, since I told you last day that Aloe is good for the body, you might try to buy some Aloe juice from the market. Its O.K. as long as you are sure, that it would give the desired effect. 

  • Forever Living Products (FLP ) owns its own Aloe Vera plantations of Rio Grande valley in Southern Texas, Dominican Republic & Mexico.
  • Forever living  grows Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller that has the most nutritional compounds among more the  more than 400 species of Aloe.
  • Forever Living Aloe Vera is  cold pressed stabilized 
  • FLP processes its Aloe Vera leaves within hours of harvesting.
  • They are washed and rinsed  twice before being carefully process. 
  • The raw gel except its outer leaf or the outer skin of aloe is stabilized by a proven, patented process which preserves essentially all the different nutritional compounds naturally occurring in the plant. 
  • Only Pure aloe vera gel is used.  The leaf along with the yellowish  lining ( called aloin) is discarded. the pulp of the raw gel then undergoes a stabilization process that protects it from oxidation and seals in its natural potency. 
  • Only mature Aloe Vera plants providing 100% gel potency  are harvested and used for manufacture.
  • Modern harvesting techniques are guaranteed throughout the farm system and no pesticides , no chemicals . 
  • Mature aloe vera reached to three years of careful cultivation,each mature leaf  is gently removed from the plant by hand with a small incission along the stalk. The facilities, machinery,test equipment, labourers are subject to stringent  government regulations.
  • Every batch of every product manufactured is tested a number of times to ensure purity and consistency before,during and after final formulation before release by quality control from quarantine.
  • Once the aloe has been tested and approved,  it's put through a series of microbiological and quantitative testing. Once approved, the gel is transferred to FLP product formulation tanks.  when the compounding phase is completed the product is filled in automated filling line.
  • The consumable products are sealed to protect against contamination, and to increase shelf-life. The bottles are made with a unique 3-layer plastic which further protects from oxidation and keeps it fresh.  Proven results :   

  1. The  Food and Drug Testing  Laboratories of New  York conducted an independent test comparing Forever Living's  Stabilized Gel from the raw, mature Aloe Barbadensis leaf. The two were found by them to be "essentially identical" . In other words what you get in the bottle is the same you would have if you filtered your own leaf ( without a mess!) . 
  • Forever Living Aloe Vera  Gel has been certified by International Aloe Science Council and earned the right to display the Council's seal of approvalon the gels. 
  • Flp products have been approved not only by International Aloe Science Council, but also carry the KOSHER RATING seal of approval, as well as Islamic seal of approval and none of the products have been tested on Animals.
  • Aloe Vera  has been used externally and internally. To help various skin conditions. 
  • Aloe  Vera's beneficial properties may  be attributed to the presence of mucopolysaccharides present in the inner gel  of the leaf, especially acetylated mannans.
Anyway try it at least once and you will know the difference.

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