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How to Get Maximum Benefit From Forever Living Aloe

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Please remember Aloe Vera is a nontoxic, natural substance and it is also unlikely to react with any conventional medication.
Our cells regenerate every 90 days, you need to give aloe vera that much time to work. Aloe Vera is not an overnight cure, it’s not medication and like any natural food substance it takes time to work.
But if you continue to smoke, eat unhealthy or if you have any specific chronic problems, it might take up to 12 months to get the full result. Give your body time to adjust from the benefits of this amazing food.
Why Everyone Should Try Aloe Vera –

If you feel healthy, drinking aloe vera maintains clean, top functioning organs. You feel younger, healthy and full of vitality. If you feel unwell… give your organs a chance to clean themselves to work better and to reclaim your vitality.
Avoiding drinks is not necessary, but it will optimize aloe vera absorption and benefit.
Some say aloe vera improves digestion when taken just before or just after a meal. It’s up to each individual to determine their own body preference for intake of aloe, how often, and how much.
Recommendation :- Take aloe vera on an Empty Stomach – Take aloe vera first thing in the morning and again last thing at night, avoid food and hot drinks for about one hour, if possible.
 The Detoxification Effect – According to each individual’s physical condition, there may be a short-term detoxification process, including any of: a skin rash, headache, slight nausea or a loose bowel movement one morning.
There is no known adverse toxic effect to taking aloe vera in larger quantities, other than the diarrhea or headache effect at saturation point for your body.

Can Pregnant Women take Aloe Vera? – In the past, pregnant women have always been advised to avoid taking aloe vera internally as a tonic, because it was said to sometimes cause bowel spasms that could be detrimental to them.
It is true that some aloe vera products from some companies do not meet the minimum IASC (International Aloe Science Council) quality criteria, usually those having too much aloin content, and these would not be beneficial to pregnant women. They would also not be beneficial to anyone else either.
Forever aloe vera brands with products based on pure stabilized inner gel that had the thin inner lining removed because it’s a known irritant (aloin), are the aloe types that contain the accepted therapeutic levels. These have been used by pregnant women for years without any apparent or reported side effects.
Using Aloe Vera with Diabetes – Some diabetics have discovered that drinking aloe vera increases the amount of insulin produced by their body.
Anyone with diabetes wanting to take aloe vera should be aware of this and should consult their doctor to ensure their insulin levels are properly and carefully monitored. There are many diabetics now drinking aloe vera gel/juice who find their diabetes is more under control, their weight is more stable and they have much more energy.
Using Aloe Vera if you have Allergies or Skin Problems –  If you are susceptible to any allergic reactions, it is always better to do a patch test and small trial first.  Always take advice when using aloe vera internally for treatments, especially sinuses, ears and eyes.
Can you Take Aloe Vera while Fasting? – Yes, you can definitely take aloe vera while fasting.
When Mahatma Gandhi was asked what secrets he had that sustained him during his long fasts, he answered  ” It was my unshakable faith in God, my simple and frugal lifestyle, and the aloe vera whose benefits I discovered upon my arrival in South Africa“.
Aloe vera is not a panacea for all ills – Regardless of the wide ranging health benefits that can be experienced from drinking aloe vera and applying it topically, do not think of aloe as a cure-all for all ills –  in reality there is no such thing.
Aloe vera’s history and track record as a healer and the significant role that it has played in herbal medicine over the centuries is well-documented.
However, like most other natural remedies, it can often take longer to have beneficial effect on some chronic symptoms than a chemically-based drug, though there are no guarantees that such drugs may work or work any better than a natural remedy like aloe vera.
Contradictions, are there any? –  To our knowledge, and from the experience of others over the last twenty years or more, there are no contradictions.
Aloe vera works harmoniously –  Aloe Vera is a nontoxic, natural substance and it is also unlikely to react with any conventional medication.
The reason for this is that it works harmoniously with the body’s own self-regulating systems rather than overcoming them and leaving them depleted.
Hope this article is making some difference. If you have any queries, please feel to ask.

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