Friday, March 4, 2016

Amass Wealth

Hey Guys!!!!

I hope you all are doing fine. Sorry, I am not regular in writing, remember, its not by choice.

Two days back, while I was walking towards my office in the morning, I was passing a school. There were some parents, talking with each other (they had come to drop their kids to school). So there was a kid, approximately 3 years old, who was looking upside down,  (see the picture below)

And I looked at the spectacle which the toddler was looking which we regularly see on Indian roads, mother goat feeding its kid.

It really made me think, when did I last stopped to look at what I have around me and I can say - NEVER.

Its not because we do not see, its because we are taking everything for granted, we leave behind the simplicity of life for resolving the difficult problems of life - AMASSING WEALTH.

But remember, simple things are the ones that help to solve the very basic necessity of life - happiness, love, peace and contentment. All the rest will be taken care of.

So Guys, Live your Life, cherish the moment and smile. That is more than worth it, than all the wealth in the world. You will always be a success!!!!!!

Take care.


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