Monday, March 7, 2016

A Wise Boat Ride


Have you wondered why A day in the beach, or in the waters fishing or houseboat or whatever makes it memorable and special?  Yesterday, I went for the sunset cruise, it was just an hour ride. It can be said as the signature stamp of my tour. The finale of a long tour.

So, while I was having this tranquil tour with the rest of the group, I was wondering, why this tour, an hour ride on the water, with the breeze in our hair, and nudging the water to bring ripples, where the gulls, the herons, the Brahminy kites, kingfishers, crows, etc...all ready to snatch its prey, should have been a hullabaloo. But, its not so, why? And the group was so happy that they really didn't want to leave.

Water is the Elixir of Life. 71% of the Earth surface is covered with water. 78% of water is there in the body of a new born baby. But a fully grown human being will have only 60% of water in his body.

So, what does that mean, we are part of the water, which surrounds us, being united with the basic entity, makes us at peace with oneself and the whole world. When a small drop comes near big water, it tends to join this bigger water body. And in the process it loses its own identity, thereby leaving behind the old acquired personality. Thus making us a new person.

That is what happens when we meet people, who has positive energy, we do not need to keep up faces. So, first, be positive and be conscious of what you are, what you speak and above all see your thoughts, which should necessarily be positive.

Take care.


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