Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Final Act

I have never felt so much love for nature, or to be specific towards  trees. Last day,   - a very heart rending experience, a touching moment happened, I might add this as one of the unforgettable moments of my life, I think, it would have been touching for all who witnessed it. If a tree can change a life, or become a turning point, then surely, this tree did that job beautifully.

I stay in the heart of Fort Kochi, where we have lots of Rain Trees. These trees are so big that it we feel that we are under an umbrella during heavy rains as well as scorching sun. I pass every day nearly four rain trees to reach my office from home. So naturally I have an attachment to it. Believe me, it gives shade to the children playing underneath it and that would be approximately 12 cricket teams and two football teams in one go, every Sunday evening and every holidays. 

These trees, they are aged, they mght be approximately 250 years. Like old people, it started slanting towards the ground, giving a general feeling that they can fall at any time, but still like myself, the children using the ground too do not fear these trees. We all pass daily under these trees, my life literally revolves around home, office and under these rain trees.

Last Friday, at 5 pm, it was like any other evening, some children were playing, some were looking from the sidelines at these children playing. With a light breeze cooling the area, it was a picture of  tranquility, when a loud cracking noise, brought life to a standstill. To br frank we were jolted from our riverie. And Lo Behold!!!!! to the wonder of everyone around, we heard the next crack and the middle rain tree started coming down, all the children ran to safety because its a huge tree and its necessary, all will have to move much much farther and the tree took all the time in the world to fall down for its Final Act.

Not a single person was hurt and it did not accidentally fall. Seeing the fallen tree, I felt, that this tree gave itself completely for nature - the shade, good air, and above all a solid support. And in the end, it made sure, that it did not hurt anybody.

I learned a lesson or two from this tree. 
  1. No matter, who you are are, where you are brought up, or whatever circumstances you are in, you never lose your identity unless you chose to be.
  2. There is goodness in all of us, try to bring it out than suppress it and bring sadness, hurt and hatred.
With all due respects to my long time friend - The Middle Tree, who gave many lives (motivated many lives) with one single life. I conclude.