Friday, January 15, 2016

Merry Christmas!!!! And A Very Happy New Year!!!!

Dear Guys!!!

For me, Christmas is really special. Its not because I am a Christian. I think, this is the only festival which has crossed all boundaries of religion, caste, creed and country.

Why does it hold special?

I think there are lots of factors, but the main thing that has touched me is the "Sharing Part".

One Christmas, I was alone, no family, no friends and in a very very different world, far away. I was sooooooooo alone that I felt very very sad. So, I bought several gifts for the orphans of the nearby orphanage and wrapped it and kept it underneath their pillows  and felt very happy. I returned back to my place, prepared for sleep and burrowed into my blanket and something got stuck in my leg and I tried to push, wondering what can be under my blanket, thinking of all the creepy, crawly things which can give me company on this very very cold night, sent a shiver through my spine and an extra energy to my hands. I  jumped off my bed and yanked the blankets out. And Lo Behold!!!! there was a very huge box gift wrapped. I was really surprised!!!! Believe me, when we have no dear and near one in a new place, this gift is like just the Santa present. My eyes filled with tears. For me, - a gift!!!! I opened and there were loads of things, which were useful for me at that time. And the gift was from my room mate, a Buddhist.

Its the time when love is in the air. We can really feel it and it envelopes us and fills us and automatically it flows out of us, thus passing the goodness all around.

That is why, Christmas is special for you an for me.

I tried to write this blog on Christmas Eve. But I missed on posting it. Anyway, its always good to have a Christmas everyday.

So guys, Wishing you a Merry Christmas and A Very Prosperous New Year. May your life be filled with Love.....Love.... And Love....