Monday, December 7, 2015

Are We able To Fulfil Expectations?


That is a basic truth for all human beings. We cannot fulfill others expectations. Its not your or my fault. Its the basic way of things.

But are we able to fulfill our expectation?

I would say Yes.

One wonders why?

Well, its easy, when it comes to fulfill others expectation, the deciding factor is others or themselves, some guys are really perfectionist and if they are our measuring markers. Believe me, "We are Doomed!!!!"

Anyway, I would say, its really good, that we are compared with the best and in the long run, we tend to measure ourselves with that standard, thereby raising ourselves to that stage and striving for that perfection.

Can I say one thing? I would rather say, do not put a marker for your standard. Marker restricts you to only a certain standard, you can go above that, for sure. Isn't it good news!!!!

As I am saying this markers and expectations and standards, I feel like I am talking about a marathon, with lots of markers, standards and one big goal, the finishing line. After finishing the race, then what next? Another marathon?

You know, we are best in many things but not in all and when we try to make ourselves perfect for all that we are not what will happen after that, we go for the next destination of perfection and afterwards, another and another, its a never ending quest and in the process, we get old,  we die. The show is finished.

What do you think? Have we lived?

I am not answering that for you because you know better. But for me, this is not Life. This is not right?

We are not alone here, we have family, friends, teachers, neighbours, colleagues, room mates, inmates, etc....

We are here in the midst of these people for a purpose. They are there for us and we are there for them, remember, the imperfect me is perfect for them and the imperfect them is perfect for us. Either way, give the best of everything of ours. I will give an example :-

  1. If you are a child, you can help your parents, obey them. Do your studies without your parents scolding you to study. 
  2. If you are a parent, (father or /and mother you are responsible to provide and care for the family, by earning for the family and helping the children in all aspects of their life without ill treating or harassing, helping the spouse. 
  3. If you are a professional, give the best of what you are made of, no matter what or where or who. 
  4. If you are an employee, employer, businessman, etc..etc... we have duties, give the best.  

When you give the best, you will bring happiness to oneself. Then you will start loving your self. When you start loving your self, that love is filled within you and as time passes, you tend to give the best of your Self and making you love more and more, which starts overflowing. That is when love and affection spreads to others. This love transcends into dedication, automatically, we give our best in every way, and that becomes perfect for you, for me and for the whole world. That will  be the fulfillment of the expectation.

In short, Do your work with love and you will be fulfilling all the expectations. I see you rolling your eyes. But Seriously, try it. Live with love, you will be happy and you will make a better place where you are. At least when you are in your death bed, you feel contented, you will feel, "I did Right with myself and my life." Want to bet? (Smiling!!!!!)

Enjoy Life!!!!!!!!

See you soon.


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