Tuesday, November 10, 2015

To All the Owners of the World, My Blessings!!!!!

Dear Guys,

You might think, why all these formalities. Well, to become an owner of a firm or anything is not an easy thing, they have the courage to take a risk, along with that, they tend to help lots of life for the people who are not lucky to own even a spare of cloth without working.

And work, its not easy to find. In this scenario, to own a work force can be had by only a select few. But the attitude of the workers can discourage the mentality of the owners.  Naturally, they get hard hearted to the working class and just focus on making their venture a success.

But these are all not I want to talk. No single person has the same experience as the next person, but the feeling generated will be the same because that is the basic oneness of humanity - the soul.

Now, we are again deviating from the topic of what I wanted to say.

Today, I do not know why, I happened to meet one of my colleagues, who happened to resign from her job. You know, in India, its a very big decision for a lady to resign her job and if the said lady has only a basic education, then the chances of making a change from whatever her current position is next to nil. She would tolerate a walk on the fire and still retain her job. So when I heard the lady, a mother of two and poor to boot throw away her job, I was just shocked, that is a very small word to what I was feeling. But I didn't show the actual emotion of what I felt and gave her half a dozen of tissues and an ear to hear her vows.

If I may say so, the place she was working had a set of very good workers in each section, which, if I was a boss, I would keep them in my very palm of my hands, so that, I would never make them consider leaving my firm, in any sense of the word and one such person was this lady. I told her so, "you know, the loss is not yours, but theirs. They would never get such a good worker, a dedicated worker as you."

Anyway before long, this lady had several job opportunities lined up for her to choose. As I was thinking of her today, I was thinking about another incident, where the owner of this same firm happened to talk to me regarding cheating of staff .

To be frank, I am no good at taking sides with both the workers or the owners because what I feel is both of them would be right.

In my situation, if I am going through a difficulty in the work place, there are no actual words for the feelings which can be explained and I am one person, where I am not good at talking my own thoughts, then how would they understand ? and naturally, I am misunderstood. So, I think, that in general but that is the issue here, its the basic failing of all.

We cannot judge anybody because he/she was not able to explain clearly and with facts. But some are good at lying very smoothly, that we wouldn't know, even if our underwear was taken from our body, they can explain it smoothly. So, let it be whether he is a liar or a truthful person, we do not want to know about it. And we are not here to prove.

Personally, I would never want a liar or a cheater in my firm and I know you are nodding with me. But how will you know, who is good and who is bad? Well, I do not know, and that happens to you too. But you would like to start a venture or you are a proud owner with people working for you.

Then, there is one science which you should have or you should cultivate - The Science of Faith.

In all the scriptures in all religions, we have this important science from the very beginning to the very end - Faith.

I will quote the Bible , Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. "Mark 11:23 

Do not think, I am talking spiritual, we human beings are and always will be a spiritual being, just I am talking Sanskrit doesn't mean, its spiritual, its rubbish. Its a basic fact.

So hear me out,

When you were born, the first time opened your eyes, did you recognize your parents? Did anyone say, Hi, dad, mom or Mr. & Mrs. Joseph, or Mr. & Mrs. karim or Mr. & Mrs. Shenoy, how are you? Did you continue saying,  I hope you  don't mind me barging into your family with nothing?

No, you just cried and that is what it is, we do not have any choice regarding who our parents should be? or who our family should be? or what our situation should be? The parents, the family, the circumstances, all came to us and we live with it. Why? Because we do not have a choice.

Yes, exactly, the only thing we can do is do justice to that situation with our presence, with our identity, the mark and that is what we are here for, but that is one Hereculean task - Do Justice!!!!!! To be frank, I am really struggling to do the justice part and it is not easy. But I would like you to all know, that you will have to do justice or else, you will have to pay for the consequences.

So now, you know, you will have to do justice, but how? Its simple. You know, who you are, right? I will answer it for you.

You are a Human Being born to fulfill a cause. In Hindu religion, we have the avatars of Lord Vishnu and while reading each stories of the avatar, we come to know that Lord Vishnu was born to fulfill a specific purpose in each avatar. And that is the same with you and me.

We are here for a purpose and that purpose can be fulfilled only through the people and the circumstances where we are put in, thereby your thoughts, your attitudes, your insights, etc..etc... has been groomed accordingly.

So, you know how you will behave in each situation. Imagine I am born in a very poor family. And I do not have sufficient to eat, my family and myself are most of the time starving. So, when I find a sack of food just lying on a road or in a compound, unsupervised, what will be my first instinct - to take it home, right?

And that is what you are seeing with others too, you are putting your thoughts into others head, your ambitions into others heart and think for them. By the strength of your thoughts, others behave what you are forcing them to behave, and that is what you will see and face.

Now if you know who you are, no matter what the circumstance is or the family is, when the same situation of the unsupervised food sack is in front of you. You just go in search of the owner and try to return it back to them. Then that will be the  attitude you will get upon our day to day experiences. Nobody will cheat you.

I will tell one thing in my experience, people have charged me money more than what it is, but I give them because I believe that is what it is,  I do not charge more than what it is and even if I feel that man has cheated me, I give him happily. Do you know why?

The money charged from me exorbitantly returns back to me or the whole money which I had spent for the same thing, surely not through the same source but some other way. If that is what is going to happen when you are cheated, then why worry. Just give it.

If you have faith, that you have not cheated others or taken from others more than what they are entitled to you, then do not worry about it or nag about it. It will return to you.

So do not nag about the cheating attitude of the working class. Nobody cheats you, unless you have cheated others. What you did is what comes back to you.

Now, have you wondered, why we are so focused about others cheating us or not dedicated workers? Its because you want to become rich, you want to have everything what your heart wishes and that can be had only if you have Money- Loads and Loads of it. Am I right?

 Remember, Money is not to be amassed, but to be lived, to sustain you with food, clothes, shelter, etc.... and if you are with family, then that would also be sustained. If that is fulfilled, then we are all lucky guys, the rest of the money would naturally go wasted, someone will use it and what happens to the hard work, the money amassed through foregoing our precious moments with family, friends, loved ones? And then die when all the coffers are full? Will you be happy? I do not think so. I would say, life was just wasted for nothing.

The money amassed by cheating, bribing, hurting, swindling, stealing, lying, without giving proper salary, or keeping the wages, etc..etc...? or money amassed in the right way and not utilized, so that you can have a better during a later period when you do not have the resource to make wealth.

Believe me, all goes into thin air in the first place and above that, the consequences of all the things you have done will have to be faced. Is it worth it?

Make money, share it and bring some smile to others in your day to day life, by being there for yourself and others, who knows, tomorrow, whether  you will live or not. What is for you, is not for you alone, there are other people who are entitled to the share of your earnings. It doesn't necessarily be your family. Give some to the people working for you. They are a very big reason for you having so much money.

Take Care. Live Your Life.

To conclude,

"If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing."  1 Corinthians 13:2 

Have A Nice Life!!!!!!!!!


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