Monday, November 16, 2015

Never Ever Say Goodbye!!!

Dear Guys

Today, I had a very sad experience, when I came face to face with separation of one of my best friends.

You know, that is when we feel that nothing is predictable,

Remember, "The moment we have now is the best moment and it doesn't necessarily last". 

Each word, each action, each attitude do count in the long run, when we create our own destiny. But we tend to forget that in the long run, the destiny is created with many others tagging along. In short, our  destiny do have a greater impact on others than to us.

The destiny starts with Words falling from our mouth.

I will give an experience of mine.

My children, I have two. They are very arrogant, some times, I really hate that when they show it to me and I do not tolerate when they show that attitude.

Once, it so happened, that my younger son, said something arrogantly to me and Bang!!!! I  smacked him right on his mouth. (In India, we parents have the privilege to both pamper and punish our children at the right time. And that is a necessity for all the parents, who want their kids to be a good citizen. And there is no point waiting for them and making them understand at the right time at the right place, than the time it happens.) He just stared dumbly with his hand on his mouth.

Then he asked, "what was that for?" I said, "Never ever utter a word of that sort, not only to me but anybody else in this whole wide world, understood!!"

"But I didn't mean in the wrong sense."

"Well, it came from your mouth in the wrong way. So, do not bother to use it again right or wrong(you should have seen his face)."

From that day onwards, he made sure, he never used those words, well I have not heard it for sure, at least he will remember my smack, When I heard it, I was shocked, My son, speaking to me, in such a manner? No way!!!!!! still my hand tingles when I remember it. So surely he might too!!!

But after that incidents and several incidents, I know, if you want something good to happen, better shut your mouth

Now back to the present, when my friend said, that its time for her to move on, I wondered what might be the reason and her reply brought my son to mind. The same mistake, my son made, happened to her, but in this case it was her friend a very matured person who hurt her with his words.

You know as we grow older, we feel, we can do anything and that is right. But truly, this life on this Earth is not an easy one, we all walk on broken glass, one misstep and that is going to pierce us. And physical hurt can heal but not the hurts created with words.

Do not take it for granted our relationships, marriage (husband-wife), parenthood(parents-children-parents-parents), friends, colleagues, whoever. More than the actions, its the words that should be put under lock and key, censored and minimalised.

I say, and say, do not hurt with your words, its more bruising than anything. At least you can control what comes from your mouth, can't you not? I try not to talk at all. I am really scared to do that. Truly, when I say that, I have gone through all these things and faced the consequences over and over again. So I do not want all of you guys to repeat and get to live your life in misery.

Frankly speaking. I train my children to do the same (Just don't over talk and crack jokes a lot), but unfortunately, I feel, they do extra service to make amends for my closed mouth too.

Anyway, in the end, I will be losing one more friend for the sole reason of bad mouth "Gosh!!! what a tragedy.

Be known, each person has only a certain period with us, whether they might be our spouse or our children or our teacher or our student or our colleague or our boss or whoever. There is always a time span for everything, person or situation or things.

Be aware, no matter who you are, cherish whatever you have, until you have them and when their time to leave arrives, let them go happily without any regret,  because that is how it is.

For others, too its the same situation. They are also letting us go, even if it is heart rending, we too have to leave them one day. It will happen, no matter what.

So treat everybody with respect and love. They are entitled to it and we are also entitled to it.

And please make sure to create a good  destiny for you and for others.

Cherish whatever you have, then you will never regret it when it is taken from you. That is a Surety I can give you.

Now, you know why the poet worded

"Chalte!!! Chalte!!! Mere Yeh Geet Yaad Rakhna, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehnaa..." (while going, remember my song and never ever say goodbye). We create a good memory never ending... loving... happily ever after.....

Take care.


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