Thursday, November 12, 2015


Hey Guys!!!!!

Today, I have not done any work set for me. You might think, what I did?  nothing, just wasted my time, that is all. But did I?

I do not think so, but if you look in the sense of work, yes, but as a human being, we are entitled to just be idle or just be there for us, for me. I have only myself for me. If I cannot spare my own time for me, then who will? So, here I am watching a very romantic Bollywood movie and smiling like a joker, crying like a crypot and I do not regret it even for a moment.

I remember once when for the first time, when my dad taught us to swim, it was like fighting the water with legs and hands and hearts and strength. Once, when I got the feel of it, it was just a matter of enjoying it with caution. Everyone knows life is to be lived, but that doesn't mean always we should live productively, its just letting go off the leash of oneself and get a breather, where you do not have to decide, just let it be.

 It is at that time, we open our self and some thoughts, which has stuck in our hearts, the deeds which we had done, which we didn't do, which should have been done, etc..etc... The words used, the attitudes shown, etc...etc... all comes to us during this break time and that is when we will have to evaluate our doings, that happens without our knowing.

You know the key word is "Unknowingly",  we tend to watch movies, read books, play games, etc....  because we say we are bored, but in truth, we do not want our past deeds good or bad not come and knock us off . So now you know, why this world including me are so busy, either reading (its about me), which people say is good, but in fact its very very bad because you are running away from truth.

When I watch a movie, its the same theory, running away. But well, it will catch up, don't worry, at that time I will be forced to face up all the things I have done, there will be a time, when I will not have anywhere to run to, where I am unable to do anything.

Do you know, why I said this?

So that, your actions when get accumulated, it kind of pounces on you, making you feel a bit lost and lonely. You are born alone and die alone, that fact will stare right on your face which is a simple truth, no matter how many friends you have, how many family members you have or whatever activities you can do, you are still alone in the very depth of our being.

But if you are aware of it time to time without it pouncing on you is far better and much more smoother a transition from the physical world to the spiritual world. You are comfortable with the alone you and you feel like going and being with the alone you, that is when you become spiritual.

So guys, just for a second at least, give yourself a break and let whatever is coming to haunt you, hear it out and rectify it or savour it. It will go on its way after that. Its like a spiritual bath - a healing process. Then you feel like enjoying life in the real sense of the word - The Inner Happiness, where no boring touch.

Take care.

Have a great Life !!!


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