Friday, September 18, 2015

Save 10 and Make 100? Forget it!!!!

Hey Guys!!!!

I hope you are enjoying life. Well, I am.

What is your criteria of enjoying life?

To have more money than you can spend? or To have good Health? or To visit places? or To be Happy always?

What is happiness?

Oh!!! its complicated to answer this because its a mix of all for some, but for others, it would be specifically some things which, one do not have. It is natural.

I am writing this because, I would like to see everyone happy all the time in their life. 

What is Life's happiness?

Its not very easy to define life's happiness. But I can simplify it by an Egg Omelette.

The Preparation :-

  1. Break an egg into a bowl. 
  2. Whisk it
  3. Add salt & whisk again
  4. Pour it on a hot frying pan greased with oil 
  5. Sprinkle some pepper powder when half cooked
  6. Cook it until done
And the end result - a perfect Omelette. If you love omelette, then it will be a beauty to the eyes, flavour to the nose, perfect taste to your tongue and softness to your touch and lastly, your stomach will get to fill with a delicious food, which will bring joy to the heart.

That is life's happiness, always sense (sight, hear, smell, taste and touch) oriented. So, if something or the other is missing, then what happens to happiness? does it stop working? No way, and that is what I want to focus. The one  and the most important aspect of life which has deep roots in everyone's life - Money. It doesn't bring fulfillments to the senses except a thought to the mind "Do not worry, I have money"

There is an old saying in our Keralan culture that "Even Eagle cannot fly over money." which means, money is everything, it help us reach greater heights.

But is it true?

I don't think so.

I will give a small incident of my life, how money amassed went into thin air. My parents, mom & dad were hard working people, especially my mom. She used to save as much she can, by skipping simple luxuries like eating ice creams, chocolates, or milk with chocolate or good food for herself, (but for us, we had all) and she would bargain with the shop keepers and get discounts, etc..etc.. so that she could reduce the expenditure and have more money to deposit into her income. Years passed and she earned a lot. Yes, its true, she earned a lot.  After 5 years, she decided to open the safe box, which was with my father. She gave all her money to my father for safe keeping because that is how Indian Marriage System works. Anyway, my father gave back the money, in one sentence. "The Money Has Been Stolen". Just imagine the shock of my mother. Don't think my father spent it, no he didn't spend the whole lot, but yes, some. 

We cannot blame both my father or my mother for the loss because, they didn't know the working of Money, in fact the working of the Universe with respect to all matter.

Now Guys, I want you to look around yourself -  the nature. There is nothing stagnant, its always moving. The sun rises and sun sets, the water cycle, the day cycle, the life cycle, etc....etc... If anything is static (Rocks), then its non living. If it is stagnant(water, air), it will stink. If it gets accumulated (leaves, fruits, vegetables) it will rot or it would not be of any use, if not used wisely. And that is the case of money too. What we have is for that moment and for that time alone, if we do not utilize it, then it will be taken from us because it has to move off.

I learned this lesson when I was young. I know, we should save money and not spend extravagantly and all that, but with this simple fact like money moves off, which I have stated, then how will we be able to save money?

Exactly, you cannot. Unless you take the money and invest it in some form or the other, but not in the cash form.

Now, imagine, you have invested your money very wisely and have accumulated much more from it, then what next? You are happy?

As I told, happiness can be had when all the senses get to enjoy the fruit equally. So how come money get to fulfill "All" the senses?

Simple, - By Sharing. Today, I met my friend Louisa, after 6 months, a French Lady, who I found she was very happy and giving very much good happy feeling all around. She recited a story about another French lady, Anna, whom she met in Malaysia, who was retired from service. (Well, this story, she said quite accidentally, when I asked what did she do when she was in Malaysia.) Now back to the story. Anna draws a pension of 300 Euros every month (with this pension, she would not be able to live in France).  So she stays in Malaysia. Her house rent in Malaysia is 70 Euros and the rest is for food and other necessities. We know, its very difficult to manage with just 230 Euros, and to think that she has been managing like that for sometime, it really awe inspiring, isn't it? Anyway Louisa met her quite accidentally while touring and Anna invited her to stay in her house, while searching for a job in Malaysia. So Louisa decided to stay in her house. She was not aware of her situation, until she happened to stay there. So she decided to give the rent for the room (as she pays for the hotel) on a daily basis. Luckily she got a job within a week with free food and accommodation. Even then, Louisa would come and stay with Ann, take her shopping to buy dresses, food items and take her to good restaurants, which she does on a monthly basis for 6 months. Seeing the expression of Anna, the smile, the tears of thank you, cannot be compared to anything, it is the love overflowing from one soul to the other that is what makes the difference, it fills the heart of both the persons, it will fill the holes of unhappiness, bringing a glow from within.

Here, Louisa cannot use the whole amount on her own, if she dies, she cannot take all the money and investment she has made in this Earth with her to the grave, but when she is in the grave, she can at least feel happy, that she was able to bring a smile to another living soul intentionally and that is the best investment. That is how, money brings happiness, peace and contentment.

This type of investment helps you in the long run, you would never be in a situation, were you are short of money, you would never have to worry about sickness because the hormones produced when you are happy is an antibiotic for sickness, you are never in debt, because, just like we withdraw from the bank which we have deposited by wise investment, the sharing of money with another needy person is a wise investment with Life Force bringing positive energy around you, attracting whatever you need unto you, without your signature, without your asking. Isn't it cool?

You know, there are some times, when you are not aware that you are going to need money the very next moment or the next day, and it might be a lot of money you need. But your life force knows it in advance and gets it for you. (I know you have raised your brows. But its true!!!) So then, why are you saving? Why are you bargaining and depriving of someone else's income? Why are you tensed and work very very hard to amass wealth? Have the courage to let yourself go, with all the talents, money and time. And get ready to see the show.

I will say one of my personal experiences of such an instance, In my bank, I had Rs. 80/-. One of my friends asked to loan her some money in the morning, which I refused because I didn't have. When I reached  office, I got a phone call from a client, who said that she is going to deposit a small amount in advance for the services as confirmation she is planning to take from me  (This service, she had asked 3 months back and I had completely forgotten about it). Thirty minutes later another call came from the college of my son saying, he has been selected in the college for the course he had applied for, but for confirmation, I will have to pay the first instalment the very next day, which was a big amount. And I was able to pay with the money I got from the client without any qualms and I didn't have to worry for a single moment.

As the Bible Quotes, "Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?"Mathew 6:26

So, what do you think? Do you feel happy saving that extra 10? or is it worth all the juggling of words for bargaining? Live your life guys and peacefully and happily ever after. Try to share what you have and don't hold on to good things, thinking that you can keep it with you. You are in truth holding on to thin air. Open your hands and your hearts to the nature around you, to the people around you, its worth all of it and much more.

Think about it. And decide however your heart says.......

Take care.


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