Wednesday, September 16, 2015

No Promises Please!!!!

Dear Guys!!!

Today, I do not know whether I should be sad or glad. My thoughts flew to my dad, who was one of my best friends.

Though it has been 27 years since he passed away, there are somethings which I learned from his life experience and the one that really moulded is me his death.

My mother cried from the moment the doctor gave the verdict, he has passed away.

She cried for months, followed by years.

Slowly, I came to know, that my dad could not fulfill 90% of his promises he made in his ife, the 10% he fulfilled was for me and it was 100% of his promises he made to me.

Then and there, I decided never make promises, which cannot be fulfilled, yes, I understand, that its simply words.

But behind those words are attached the hopes and expectations of not one, but many persons, remember, each action always ensues a chain reaction.

I have always wondered, what my dad would have thought when he became a soul. Well, I cannot be a judge of his character, but if I were in his place, I would have thought, "I wasted my life, I was not able to bring joy to myself."

Why joy to Oneself?

When you are able to keep your word, when you are able to help someone, when you are able to utilize your maximum potential and some more, then it brings a joy and contentment from within oue Self. That is what makes our life a success. That is the only thing that matters in the end.

Anyway, since I am no judge of anybody and from my experience, I would say, my dad might have fulfilled his promises. If not, then he would be thinking of ways and means to fulfill his promise,

You might be wondering, why does he want to, fulfill when in the grave, its just that, when we get the promise, we to remember or remind ourselves of the promise to be fulfilled or not fulfilled, its a sigh going out from our very soul and that sigh can really breach the very foundation of all barriers, to be frank, even the very foundation of heaven, then imagine, how much will normal souls would be affected!!!!

 well, who knows, my father might be reborn to complete his destiny of previous lives.... Yuck!!! That's disgusting. Forget it.. I do not even wish for my worst enemies for a rebirth in this suffocating world.

Anyway, I do not like to come back, even if this life was heaven.

Do you know, why I said this, do not make promises or else be prepared to get yourselves shackled for another 50 odd years in this world.

So, how are you guys? I hope you all are keeping fine.

Take care.

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