Thursday, August 20, 2015

Enjoy Life

Hey Guys!!!

I know its a long time, since I have spent some time with you. Today, I really got some free time. Not because I had, but I was forced to have.

Life, that is one thing which is a dilemma. You know, we work very hard to make ourselves interesting, but when we look at nature, is there anything predictable? Is there anything boring in life? Is there anything repetitive? I don't think so. Then how come we work hard to make ourselves interesting?

We are all part of the nature just like the fingers are part of the hands and eventually part of the body and nature. Just look at the flexibility and versatility of that simple part and still we take it for granted. That is why we feel that we are a non entity, but to be frank, are we? I hope not.

I cannot imagine a life without eyes or ears or a missing finger or whatever we are used to on a daily basis, that doesn't mean, that if circumstances force us, we cannot live without. But it is always good to value, when we have it, then we would not feel sorry for the loss. than sighing for the loss.

Now, back to life, if we are enjoying the gifts we have than sighing for things we do not have, then where do we have the time to make ourselves interesting?

Guys, enjoy life, what you are and who are doesn't matter. Just accept yourself as you are, then you will get the answers you are looking for.

Have a Great Day!!!!!!!!!!!


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