Thursday, April 23, 2015

How Rain is Formed

Dear Guys

Sorry, I was a bit late in getting myself to write something. To be frank, I was enjoying the rain, you know the heavy sprinkling of water and getting oneself wet. But this was not that simple it was really big rain (as the elders say, Torrential Rain). And my weakness during rain is to drink steaming coffee by watching the rain. Do you know, at that moments, I feel melancholic, thoughts flow, dreams are woven and during this rain, I thought about writing a story, about my best character in my heart - Antsy. And today's story is about How Rain is Formed.

How Rain is Formed

     It was unlike any other day for little Antsy, who was getting pesky due to heat and humidity. She really wanted to take a dip in the pool. She put on her bathing suit of golden brown and righted herself with her antlers and her fore legs. She walked daintily to the swimming pool, a small bottle cap half filled with water and plunged herself in the water, which was a little warmer than expected but still below the surface it was a little cool. She immersed herself in the water soaking herself in its cool. She dozed off in the water and she felt light like a cloud going up and up in the air and that felt very good. But then she started feeling suffocated and opened her eyes to find there was no water and no trees or water or what!!!!

"What!!!! Where Am I?" Antsy started wriggling and flapping her six legs so vigorously, that nothing changed. She passed several clouds. She looked at them in wonder.

"Clouds!!! Unbelievable. Forget it, I am out of this pool." But no dreams can make this happen. She was still in the clouds. Antsy could not control her terror. She started screaming. Then seeing that there is no point in crying, she became silent, but that too didn't make sense.

"But what am I supposed to do when I am in the clouds?"

"Why don't you try making contact with other clouds?" Antsy whirled around to look who is talking to her in the clouds and her eyes widened when she saw the apparition in front of her a white robed old man with long beard and twinkling eyes, smiling at her.

"Hello Sir!!!! How come you are not falling off from the clouds?" 

"I am the Cloud Papa weaving around the clouds to give rain to Earthlings"

"Ohhhhh but how come I am here, rain is water and not ants, isn't it?" Cloud Papa chuckled and said

"Most assuredly, but when the water becomes steam or in the form of air due to severe heat which we call water vapour, they start to rise up and up and join together to form clouds. When I weave the clouds which is done by cooling the water vapour, several particles are present along with it, they also become part of the clouds, but this is the first time, I am seeing a live ant. Its a pleasure to meet you young lady, how come you are here?"

"Well, I thought you might give me the answer. Since I am alive, let me put it simply that I am the odd one here. But still I am confused sir, how will it rain from this cloud, where I do not even see even a single drop of water?"

"That is simple, as the clouds become heavier with more water and dust particles and the atmosphere becomes cooler, the clouds would be condensed and water droplets are formed and these water drops cannot be held in the cloud for long, it falls down as rain."

"Ooooh but, how will I return back to my place. I will not know where to go after I return to Earth." Cloud Papa smiled and nodded his head.

"Child, there is only one life, that doesn't mean, that you will have to live in the same house for years to come with the same people, same friends and same neighbours. That is good. But if circumstances force you out of that safe cocoon, then take life as it comes, meet the people, accept them as they are, be friendly to all and above all, do not lose courage that you would fail and you are alone."

"Thank you sir. I will try. But when am I going down because if you think I can live without food here, then you are mistaken." Cloud Papa chuckled and acknowledged.

"Very True, you are lucky, today is too hot. So there is enough water in the clouds to bring rain immediately. So are you ready? Hold on tight on one of the drops, I am going to shake the clouds." 

"Thank you sir. Nice meeting you. Good Day." So saying, Antsy just got herself stuck on a water drop and closed her eyes shut tightly. Within no time, she was falling down with nothing to hold on except her 6 legs and two antlers flailing wildly in the air and she screaming her throat out, luckily she fell over a leaf, which gave Antsy a soft landing. With a sigh of relief she held on to the little perch until the rain stopped and then slowly she started walking with not much casualties but with a heart full of courage to face the world.

The End

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Take care and hope to get a new story tomorrow.


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