Monday, February 23, 2015

Spare The Time

Today, I happened to meet a guest, who was a South Indian. You know the specialty of a South Indian and especially Keralite, they try to be diplomatic in all the affairs they conduct.

So this person, a sales manager, a highly educated man. His wife a headmistress in a government office. They earn a lot of money together. So while talking, I happened to know that he was not a believer of God. He believes in logic. My eyes literally widened as he said it, then we talked about some knick knacks and one that struck me is, he wished to look after his mother, but was scared to follow it. I felt sad. I asked the reason and he said "As the history of old people goes, they are less tolerant to others and we too reciprocate the same attitude. And I cannot hurt my wife or my mother."

He continued, "I sometimes scold my mother, she has to co-operate with us, we are busy people and we are sparing our valuable time for her. She should understand our sacrifice. There is a limit for tolerating."

Then I knew, his or his wife's  education has not served the purpose. What use is a human life, if we have no courage to be with our parents, no matter how intolerant they are during old age? I would always say that if our parents are harassing us, then its because we were doubly harassing when we were young. So, please do not get disheartened with their attitude. Take care of them with love because they took care of us when we were kids and when we solely depended on them for our existence, upkeep, education and when we grew big we are having the courage to throw them out of our lives because they are a nuisance.

Hey Guys!!!! You are not worth a shilling, if it were not for them. If they had the decency to throw in the garbage when you were born, where would you be now? In the streets or in the graveyard. They clothed you with decency bringing you name, fame and respect. So please do the right thing.

"Spare The Time"