Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Spat On the Face

There are some things or instances at some part of our lives which really becomes a turning point to our very existence.

Sometimes, it might be a big issue or just a trivial matter. For me, I have had hordes of experience on my very person which has been intrinsically interwoven into my life and its very beautiful too to look at when I sit and evaluate. It really helped me be a better person.

But one instance really did hurt me. It didn't happen to me, but an incident triggered my memory of the previous incident.

Long time back, may be five years back, it happened in a remote village in Andhra Pradesh. My family and myself decided to buy a plot of land. So, every evening we went around looking at good properties. So once our auto driver came to pick us up for our next destination,he and myself were waiting for others to join. As all were ready and when we started the auto, a widow passed us. Immediately, the auto driver spat and got off the auto. We were surprised by his action and waited for him to respond. And the response we got was "Madam, better get off from the auto, its a bad omen, seeing a widow before we go." The place we have been brought up had no such attitudes of good and bad omen by seeing a crow or a cat, etc... But hurting another human being by making them a scapegoat was simply disgusting. I felt really really sick. I was thinking of the woman who got the brunt of the curse and the action of the driver. How sad she might have been. If I was in her place, how would I get to cope this type of situation, which is not our making. So this was laid dormant as I moved from that place. You might think, why I brought this up.

Two weeks back, a friend of mine of this same locality became a widow and the first thing that came to my mind was the spitting. You know, what her mother was wailing sitting beside the corpse? "Now, who will invite my daughter for any functions? She is just 28 and in such a young age she has been accursed." Hey guys, if the culture we have cannot recognize another human being, then is it worth it?

I for one, would be happy to be skipped from wedding invitations and that sort, but the cursing part, I do not think I can digest it.

This is where, education really helps and if I can speak frankly, educate the girl child because she has a great role in bringing change in society. My friend is a social worker helping educate Girl Child and she also works for women empowerment. What a contradiction.

Its time guys, to awake and arise, for there are people out there who needs to be treated humanly - The Woman. Just remember, you too can be in the same boat one day "Spat on the Face".

See you.

Take care


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