Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Role Model

Don't worry that children never listen to you. Worry that they are always watching you.
Honourable Judges, Respected Teachers And My Dear Friends.
I am here before you to speak a few words about “My Role Model”. My role model is my father. My father, Mr.____________________________ is a business man, a very simple, soft spoken, kind, straightforward and loving man. He is more like a friend to me than a father. I could share anything and everything with him. I have never heard him say a harsh word to anybody. He is the pivot of my family. Though he is a busy man, he always has time for my mother, sister and myself. He has never broken a promise.
You would like to know, why I chose my dad as my role model./ This incident happened years back,/ it was in class I./ The occasion,/ the School Annual Day celebration/ – My very very special day/. I was selected for speech,/ the very first speech in front of the whole school and their family./ I had no fear/ because my father had promised me,/ that he would be in the front row to hear me./ But misfortune struck early in the morning of the very day,/ my father received a call, / a friend of him had a heart failure and no one was there to take him to the hospital./ He immediately got ready to go./ My heart sank. I went and hugged his leg and started crying./ He knelt in front of me and asked,/ son, why are you crying?”/ and I incoherently replied,/ “You would not be there in the front row and my speech would be forgotten.”/ He smiled and kissed me on the forehead and said,/ “I promise son,/ I will be there no matter what /and you will be the best speaker in the whole school on this day.”/ He hugged me tightly and left./ I reached school. /The programmes started./ I peaked through the curtain in between the programmes, to see my father, /but sadly he was not there./ The teacher called me and said, “_______, next is your speech,/ don’t worry, you are good at it.”/ I nodded. My name was called and I got on stage and my eyes wandered to the first row and there in front of me, stood my father, all smiles. My eyes welled./ At that time I knew. I would like to be like him. That day the speech was only for him as a thank you gift for being there, for keeping a promise and for being my very own papa for life. The applause I received after the speech was mind boggling because this was the first ovation from the bigger peers for me and that is when I stepped into the real world – A world of uncertainties but I had no fears / for my father was my beacon. I looked at dad/ who was smiling with tears in his eyes. But even today, I do wonder, how he made it to the front row.
My father, my role model gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me and I would try to keep up to it, as he did.
Thank you.

Hope you liked it.

Take care


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