Thursday, July 10, 2014

Miracle of The Best Sort

I have heard about selfless love with Jesus Christ and great saints. But in this day and age, its a rarity which I cannot even comprehend to think. Now the person who was selfless was my dad's friend's children. I last met them some 24 years back. Myself or my family had no contact with them resulting in an unattended relationship and for us life flowed without any thought of them. They were just our friendly past. Yesterday I accidentally met these people. They didn't recognize us but I did (luckily). Anyway, we introduced ourselves and their elation at meeting us was mind boggling and I was thinking, "Isn't it a bit queer". But still I was happy at least they recognized us by name.

Now to one of the persons I met, her name is Celine. She is not a person who is overly gushy type, very silent and unobtrusive in character. Do you know what she did? She helped to keep the memory of my dad's grave intact. Yeah, I know, you didn't understand.

Now, the flash back. It was 25 years back, my dad passed away just after 5 days he reached this place. He was away for nearly 10 years. So no one was aware of his arrival and by then we were grown up children, who had no connection at all with anybody there. So when my dad died, we just buried him there on plain ground in the church cemetery, without a tomb or any markings, except for a wooden cross, which unfortunately couldn't withstand the test of time as well as nature's onslaught on it for long and we left, as there was nothing to hold us back.

Now, back to reality. To be frank, we were sure, that we wouldn't have any idea of where our dad was buried. But since it was 25th Death Anniversary, we decided to go. That is the setting you are in. We told her that we came to visit dad because it is his 25th Death Anniversary, but unfortunately, we do not know where he is buried. So she smilingly said, "I can show you." We really were surprised. Then, one of our other friends, who was with us at that time spoke, "Celine, every year maintains the grave of your dad and ten other friends', whose families have left leaving them alone. She also pays for a mass every year for these friends of her father's." I was just dumbstruck. You know, we do favours only if we feel that they would acknowledge our favour and reciprocate accordingly. But what is the point in doing a favour to a dead person , who is 6 ft under the ground, with no family around?

In our case, there was no chance, or point of us returning to visit dad, when there was no evidence of a tomb. So my mom thought that we just have to pray for his soul. But opportunities just allowed us to be there for the 25th Death Anniversary.

My mom is a person, who always puts a tag for her actions good or bad. So when she saw her husband's grave, as good as new after 25 years, was more than she could expect. She couldn't stop her tears and that is what I call "Miracle of the best sort". A deed unacknowledged. I really salute Celine for her selfless service - Giving company to the dead. Thank you Celine, for giving me the best gift of my lifetime - My dad's grave intact. You really made a difference to many a hearts on that day, including mine. What about you guys? Any difference?

Take care and be happy.


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