Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Collections

Today I met a person who collected rosaries (not literally met, I saw him on television).He collected different types of rosaries starting from his grandfather. It was a journey, which he elaborted so vividly, that each had a unique place in his heart with a story to tell. So while I was hearing it, I felt odd because I had no collection to boast of or did I?

This made me thinking. Everyone had some sort of collection, stamps, coins, antiques, tea pots, precious stones, pictures, paintings, books, etc. Then I came to think of myself, what's wrong with me? I have something missing as not to feel collecting something. Then I knew why? There was a time when I had stamp collection, medal collection, coin collection & 3D card collection and I did it with such vigour that I had a vast collection, but all of it was taken from me, either by my siblings, friends & neighbours. You know, when we have to give what we have collected just like that, without anything to hold, except that memory is very sad. The last time I collected was when I was 13 years old, when I had a stack of 3 dimension cards, it was so beautiful that everyone loved to have it. But it was literally snatched from me, without a thought or a heart. That changed me.

After all these experiences, I came to one conclusion, collecting anything is not my forte, because it creates more heartbreak than I had planned in my life and that is my destiny . So I decided to change my destiny, I decided not to collect, but to give. And do you know what I started to give?

Smile, just smile and in the process friendship starts, which in turn becomes a lifelong bond. You know, today, I lost a friend which I was connected with only a smile. I do not even know her name, but we knew each other because she was the postwoman. First, she used to keep the letters on the reception table. At that time, I used to smile at her and she returned it. You all know, the life of an Indian post woman is not easy. This lady goes to all the houses on foot with just an umbrella to save her from the scorching heat. So I thought I will do a favour of helping her lessen her burden of folding & unfolding the umbrella when she arrives at my place, so that I can reduce her walking as well as let her be comfortable with the position she is holding her letters in her hand. Days passed, months passed and today she told, "Thank you, today would be my last day to come here because I have been transferred to another post office and that too is a big post office." I felt sad but I wished her good luck. It all started with just a smile. If I had not smiled, then I would have missed a great friendship, a very loving heart. I know separation is indeed a sad moment but when we give selflessly has a filling effect in our void within - a completeness.

So what do you think? Are you planning to collect or to ......give the very best in you? Think about it.

Take care and be happy


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