Saturday, March 1, 2014

Do You Really Need to Bargain When You Travel?

No Way!!!!!!!!!

I know, you might be raising your brows. But its true. Never bargain. Ask the price. If you feel that it is the right value or a little more and if you can afford it, then just pay it.

And if it is very much more?

If you really want it, ask whether they can reduce it. If no buy it or let it go. If it is for you, it will come to you, no matter what the price.

OK, that's enough. Now, do you know why you bargain?

Because you feel, that it is your hard earned money, which should not be squandered, isn't it?

But how did that money come to you in the first place? From the money tree?

No, someone passed it to you, isn't it?

Exactly, money is to be shared, just like everything. Grains are sown in the soil and after sometime, it produces more grains, likewise, fruits, vegetables, etc...etc... They go to nothingness to bring abundance.

Sometimes my friends would scold me for paying the price just like that, without even asking whether it could be reduced or not. To be frank, I do not know to bargain in the first place.

Now for some home truths, when I go to buy, I put myself in the trader's place. I would never charge exorbitantly for anything I sell.


Not because of any moral ethics or like that, but because, if I charge unfairly, I would lose double or sometimes triple that money from my pocket. Its my experience. So what do you think? Should I squander the money for a small pittance as a trader? No way.

And it is vice versa, when you are a customer too. If you think, that you got a good price bargaining, then forget it, you would lose double the saved money. Then why waste so much money and time to haggle.

What is yours would always be yours, whether you are a trader or a customer. It is the law of nature. Now look at nature, during summer,the water goes up as steam , some days it would be more and some days less, but still it evaporates for sure, right? Have you heard the seas and ocean grumble with the sun, for cheating away their water? I haven't.

So what might the reason for not grumbling?

Because the nature knows, whether the sun evaporates, more water or less water, it will return back to the seas and oceans as rain or snow or ice or whatever. And this sunny climate is necessary for our daily existence. The ultimate goal, the good of all living beings.

So, don't be selfish, share wisely, what you have, it will return back to you double or triple or ten fold all in good time.

Now my advice, you are here for a holiday, so enjoy it. If you have been cheated. Just hold that anger and hurt. No one can cheat you, except you. The money cheated from you will return back to you within no time. So just buy what you want and stop bargaining. The money is theirs too for the taking. So give it happily.

Take care and be happy. Happy holidays!!!!!