Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why should we die?

Today, while I was in church, something happened, which made me question something and the answer was there immediately.

It was something with regard to my travel agency. The person who had given me to look after is planning to take it back. So when the information was passed to me, I didn't feel anything. In fact, I was thinking it was all probably for the best because, the place I have now was brought to me, when nobody needed it. I just took it and made it successful. But that doesn't mean that I own it. No, I cannot afford to own it. But one thing I can say happily, I used it to the maximum and I do not regret it.

Now, this thought came, while I was in church and my thoughts went to the time limit of everything, like the number of years I serve in one place or the number of years I live or the number of years I study or the number of years I be a wife or mother or whatever, the friends I meet, etc.. There is the countability for everything we do, which we call finiteness of our existence. But there is one thing which we are not aware, but we are surrounded with the whole life and that is what we call nature.

Look around nature :-

1. We are surrounded by the limitless sky
2. blanketed in the cocoon of limitless thickness of air
3. The water of the ocean or seas are so vast that we do not know whether we should know the exact depth or the circumference.

the sun, the moon, the stars, the universe, etc...etc... These are some examples.

Anyway, if we are surrounded with these infinities then, how come my life became finite? Why am I struggling to live? Should I get tensed when we get a problem, etc....etc....

Then I knew the answer, immediately. There is no finiteness in our existence. Death is just a doorstep away to infiniteness. But there is one thing which we are not aware, but you should know, the finiteness of our physical life would cease until we clear all our bad past, be it be a small lie or a small hurt to the biggest one. It has to be cleared no matter what religion you are or however rich or poor you are.

I go to church everyday, well, mostly everyday but that doesn't mean, that I am clearing my bad past. Religion is just a Users Manual, it gives just the direction to clear your bad past. But there are some situation, where you are a staunch religious but you are behaviour is worse than a gutter pig with no humanity or love for others. Last day one tourist was molested (just groping) I immediately called the concerned people and ensured that action be taken and as part of it, the tourist identified the person. When she pointed the person, he immediately replied, I would never do that because I pray 5 times a day. If I have done it, then it would be because of the heavy rush. God, what a waste. I rally could have smashed that man then and there. The lady was much more kinder to him.

Then another instance is, there are lots of conversions going on in catholics to born again christians and the like. Whenever I meet them, they say that they are saved people and they pity the catholics who pray to all the saints and mother Mary and the like. We are praying daily for them. I was struck by the way they can easily point at others and say they are not right. That itself pulls them down in reaching the real goal, infinity.

So I would like to say religion does not clear your route to infinity. You can be a christian or a Hindu or a Muslim or a protestant or jew. The ultimate thing that counts is the clarity of your soul, which has no death.

Now, the thing of being pure, is one Hereculean task, which could be made easy, if we go according to the flow of incidents, circumstance that comes our way. Which I would speak about it next day.

See you soon.

Until then, take care. Bye


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