Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Connection Between You and Travel

Hey guys, Sorry. It took so long to take my letter pad for the next session of writing.

Last day, I had a very insightful experience which really made me think that travel is not just seeing places. Then what?

Well, let me first explain the situation, then I could explain in detail.

A month ago I had to organize a houseboat post haste. The reason, the guest who had selected a travel agent, did not turn up to take them to their houseboat or give any detail of the houseboat. So they decided to take my help. I booked a good houseboat, they requested a standard houseboat. You know the speciality of the houseboat?

There are many categories from base, standard, premium to luxury. And the price, facilities, menu, etc varies.

The boat which was allotted for them had no fridge ( standard boat has no fridge). But they had two cases of beer to consume. The boat people gave them an ice box in which the ice couldn't stay for long and the result, the guest were angry. They were angry and angry with the boat people, harassed them so much and started complaining from top to bottom. It was a nightmare. So they requested a refund after having the full board meal, travelling the whole place and staying overnight and having breakfast. They asked for 50% refund, which the boat people refused to give. So I gave it from my pocket. I know, you might be thinking, I am crazy. Even now, I felt good giving that money back. Do you know, the moment when I gave the money back, the husband said, "If you had replenished the ice, there was nothing to complain, the rest was our creation."
The wife rolled her eyes at her husband and spoke sweetly, "Darling, could you please go and check whether our friends have arrived?" Then the husband knew, he had overstepped his pleasantry. "O Yes dear" got up and fled the scene.

And the lady was all sugar and honey.

I told once more, "Sorry for the inconvenience"

"Oh!! its OK, it sometimes happen, don't think too much about it. The boat was really a good one, but what to do, we didn't get what we needed."

"They should have requested for a bar near the backwaters. What a pity, being in the backwaters is a once in a lifetime experience and they maligned it for a piece of ice block. Then I knew, why the people do not respond to them. It is because they are creating disaster wherever they go, creating negative energy for themselves. If you want to know what their future holds, its seven times more disaster what they had given to others.

Now, the money which I gave them from my pocket returned to me ten folds more on the very same day.

I know, you would say its impossible. But its true, it happened. For me my work is not business, its my life, the time to spend idly, is my life, time to be with family, time to be with holiday are all part of my life, which ultimately is an extension for the advancement of my spiritual identity and it is all part of each one of us.

Now the lesson, whether you are in leisure or in work place or in family, the time which you are going through is one and the same, it is yours. Either make that moment an investment or a blunder. The choice is yours and the best place to make a difference is from you. Remember your life does not end with death. So live accordingly. So now you understand what is the connection between you and travel. Utilize it to the hilt. I do.

Take care and be happy.

see you soon.


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