Monday, February 10, 2014

Should You Travel?

This year, as I am concentrating in the travel business, I had not the time to write a single blog. Sorry for that. Since in the travel field and meeting hordes of people. I decided to give some tip, which every traveller should know before departing for a holiday.

The first and foremost to ask before you get out of the cocoon of your home.

1. Are you ready for adventure or not?

If yes, then you are ready to travel and ready to meet people and experience the very best and the worst and still let a smile behind.

If not, then believe me don't step out. It would not only be a nightmare to you but also for the person who comes in contact with you.

For all the travellers :-

Travelling is a risk, where you are throwing away all safety precautions to see the unknown, to feel the unfelt and to savour the best. And believe me, we are all travellers in our life from infancy to adulthood. But for what? To gain happiness, contentment, fulfillment and above all everlasting love and peace and that is what we expect when we travel and when we reach each destination, either we feel elated or excited or wrinkle the nose. The difference in attitude happens according to the connection it has made in your heart.

Now comes the next question.

2. What would you love to see?

You know, the activity which brings a smile on you. That smile can do real wonders to others and to your very self.

It just happened to me now. One guest just passed me poker faced and I gave a big smile and still he didn't change his expression. After a few seconds he returned and asked some service from me and I asked him,

"Are you such a serious person, always?" He looked surprised at me. So I told,
"you know, you would be far more handsome, if you could just sprinkle a little smile on your face." And to my surprised he smiled and indeed it changed his whole facial attitude. And you know, I felt happy. So keep smiling. I will talk about what makes you happy in travel, tomorrow.

See you soon.

Take care. Bye


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