Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Who Are You?

I am living in a place where history is everywhere, in the buildings, the trees, the seas, the backwaters, etc...

You know history is made by the people, the people who lived here, live here. That means, you and I are making history for the future generation.

The past generations had given us something to say about, the buildings, the trees, the trades, the ......., etc...etc....

Now if we fast forward it to a hundred years ahead, what might have we given to the future generation?

I hope you understand what I mean, we are making changes everywhere advancing everything, which are now backfiring against us. Do you know why this happens?

It is simple, we are proud of our knowledge, education and our capability. You know, that is a big blunder we are doing. There was a time when the people had not had all this know how, but still they built the pyramids, the great china wall, the greatest cave paintings, the greatest drainage systems, water systems, townships, which we are currently trying to copy them and all these things they did it from nature and not by changing the basic structure of atoms. Now we have been so smart that we know how to juggle with all the resources we are being provided and the result, destruction and barrenness. So where did we go wrong?

The wrongness happened within our own self. Just go inside you and there will be the answer and that is the right answer. The answer which will be in harmony of this universe. No education or no money or know intelligence can help us in being in harmony with nature. Look at the birds, they soar in the sky and dive down happily. If they feel hungry, they get food from somewhere or the other. Look at the animals, they too are not in search of food always. They eat their fill and leave it for others to have. Look at the ants, they store food for not one single ant but for all the ants of the colony. That is what we call harmony. To be happy of our existence. To be at peace with our being. So I request all to go into you and find Who Are You. Take the risk, it is worth it.

As per human calculation we will be going to the next year by midnight today. So I wish all guys,

"A Happy & Prosperous New Year. May God Bless You With Love, Peace & Abundance."

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care, Bye.


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