Thursday, December 26, 2013

So Boring Work

When we are doing a work which we feel boring, we would naturally feel sleepy. But at that very moment, if we get something to do which we really love to do,then we all know that we could never close a wink. But why do we differentiate work? Now if we are denied to do what we love to do, then what will be our response?

Well the answer to the last question is predictable :- Nooooooooooooo Don't do that to me. Isn't it not?

You know, years back I had this same predicament. I was denied what I really loved to do. To become a doctor. It was my very existence, my dream and one fine day, my family felt and said "this profession doesn't suit a lady, especially an Indian lady, who would eventually marry and bear kids, your work would hinder the smooth running of your family. So its better to have only a basic education, just enough knowledge to help children in studies. So I feel you should stop studies and think of marriage." I was then just 17 years old. Thus my passion was shattered to pieces. I really did say, please don't say that. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaase. But it went to deaf ears.

You know immediately after that my father passed away and my education continued. But not what I liked. I tried many things, which I tried to put some heart and feeling in it. But in the end, I just dose off because I felt boring. So I want you guys to remember, no matter what the work, all works are unique and can be done in any innovative way because the person who does it loves it or else, it would be a drag and I say a life with a "BIG DRAG" .

So now you know, why this boring response to some work. If your work is boring then its time to rethink your priorities guys. Regarding my job.... I have been prioritizing and reprioritizing till this very day and the last niche I have reached is writing. So I hope you too find a small nook for yourself.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye.


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