Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Be A Loser

Today in my family we had a very small fight, which could have aggravated, if I hadn't got the insight into the cause of it. It was so trivial a cause, that I felt, it should have been overlooked. But you know, we people are so strung with a joint family tagging around, that we make all sorts of mistakes just at every juncture of our life.

Now, while this juggling of words were taking place, I was a silent spectator because I didn't want to add oil into the already raging fire with my words. I saw the faces, the expressions of all around. It was not good. So this made me think, we are all here to be happy and not to be sad, then why is it that we are always sad, with our own people more than outsiders?

It was then, it came to me like a splash of cold water on my face, that if this is the case with us, then we are the reason for its origin.

I know its very difficult to believe it. But its true.

We all hear one jargon of Darwin in all aspects of life, whether its professional or family or friendship or whatever. Survival of the fittest. Which means, that we are here to survive and win and for that, no matter what, we use all means straight or crooked to get to our goal. Believe me, when I used to teach my students, I used to ask them to set a goal too and try to work hard to reach that. But there is one thing which we tend to overlook in life, we forget that the people around us too are here to survive and not to lose and as a parent and teacher, I have made a grave mistake in not pointing it out and inculcating a sense of belongingness with the rest of the world. But life experiences do teach us that what we give in books are so superficial, that it never help our future generation to find what they have come here for - eternal happiness. And for that, we will have to lose. I know, you might be thinking I am crazy.

No. Its a fact. We all have a role to play in our lives. That is for sure. But you do not know what. But still you live and plan and decide according to the life experience and all that and still it goes flop. So what does that mean, whether we have a goal or work hard for it, there is no guarantee we would be able to reach it. Even if we have reached it, we would at some point of time get deviated to fulfill our real role of our lives, which would naturally take us through many a situations to bring us to the right track. Its like we are swimming against the river to reach our goal and in the end we would be haggard, tired, lost and unhappy. So why waste time setting goals, when our destiny has already decided, what we have to do and all the people set for helping us reach the goal, like our parents, grandparents, uncles, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, friends, enemies, teachers, neighbours, etc. Then why fight for all trivial and big reason, just let us lose ourself in the maze of people and circumstances and goals and words and behaviours, then we do not need any words to juggle our life.

So decide whether you want to lose or to win.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye.


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