Sunday, November 24, 2013

You are not entitled to pull off your hair

I do not know the line that divides a sane person from the insane. But I know, its very thin. Once I happened to see a movie about a normal man, who turns insane when he sees an housefly. I know, its simply weird. But its true. There was a flashback too for the reason, he becomes insane. Its just for a time period this insanity holds him and afterwards he is OK.

This has really got me thinking. Man is basically a wild man. He has just put a coat of civilization over him and has covered his wildness under it. But in real fact, it is inside him. It could explode with just a sight of a housefly and we call it insane. But is it really an insane thing.

I would say no because he has to be in the jungle free to express his anger, happiness whatever, in nature and instead we are forcing ourselves to control those instincts and become a volcano for small reason and the ultimate end, mental assylum or mentally deranged person or he would be in front of a counsellor. And that is sad. The naughtiness of children is one such controlling. He is made to behave properly and he gets angry and breaks the barrier by doing the worst act and in the end, he would end up in front of a counsellor.

But where it would end? He is not in a position to understand the intricacies and complications of a human life, when he becomes an adult, its consequences or anything of this junk. I really hope, if every human being was programmed with a perfect users manual, then we could have avoided all these complications.

Best of luck human race including me. You are not entitled to pull off your hair when you are angry, unless it is a wig.

I just wanted to make you aware, how our system is working. Just go smoothly. That's all.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care.



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