Saturday, November 23, 2013

Walk To The Future

My son always say, "If I get this toy, I would be the happiest person in the world." And when he gets it, he is the saddest because, it didn't come up to his expectation and his interests flies and settle on something else. Well, we all have this problem.

One day, Mark came to class with two packets. One was a diamond and the other was charcoal. He packed it so nicely, that no one could understand what was in it. He brought it daily to class and returned it home. So one day, one of his friends happened to see the packets and enquired about it. He told him truthfully, what the contents were and the days passed. One day Mark found, that one of his parcels were missing. He knew, it was taken by his friend. But he didn't respond. Soon afterwards, his friend stopped coming to class. Then one day after many years, a man with a dirty beard, unkept hair and dirty clothes came to Mark and stopped him on his way to the office. Mark looked questioningly at the stranger. The stranger took a packet from his pocket and extended to Mark. Mark's eyes widened and exclaimed, "Robert!!! my friend. What happened to you? Why are you in such a situation? Come to my place. You can clean yourself."

"No Mark, anyway, thank you for not being angry with me for taking this package."

"Oh it is nothing. I never used it or planned not to use it. So if it has served your purpose, then it is fine with me and I was not even expecting to get it returned."

"The funny thing was, I never used it too. I was dreaming of selling it and becoming rich. But when I opened it, I found it was charcoal and not the diamond."

"Oh, that was sad. Then what happened?"

"The happiness, the dreams were all extinguished at that moment. I really felt hopeless. Just for making me happy for a moment, I did the wrong and in the end, I got to become unhappy for life. How did you manage to not look in to the packet? Didn't you want to sell the diamond and be rich?"

"No I didn't want to sell the diamond because it was just a piece of rock and I didn't want this piece of rock to control my happiness and that is why I kept another pack of charcoal, which is of the same breed but is of no use to me. But can I say a secret, both the packages are charcoal and I gave more value for one than the other. Just to remind myself, we are the people, who give value, who set a price. If we store great value on something, then it would become priceless, which in fact is not real. It is worthless, just like charcoal. And that is I have been doing it, when my dad gifted me with this packets. Do you know what he said?" Robert nodded in the negative.

"All things are from Earth, whether, a diamond or a coal and we cannot keep anything on hold because we too return back to the same Earth. So don't give value for material things. Just do what is right, that is where the worth counts, your actions. Give value for it, son."

And from that day onwards, I tried to remember it every day of my life. But I failed because of the lure of the diamond and I opened the package to find, that it was both charcoal. I felt ashamed at that time. But I decided to keep it as such, so that it reminds me What my dad said is true, its simply worthless to dream about nothing and forgetting our duties. So don't get too ashamed of yourself Robert. Just clean everything and start from the very beginning. Come, we go to my room and we both start fresh with our friendship too." And they walked to the future.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye


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