Thursday, November 21, 2013

True To The Word

"True to the word."

I like this word attached to me. You know, that is not too easy to achieve. My children say, I do not keep my word. That is sad isn't it? But in my professional and social life, I do keep my word. Then where did I go wrong? Nowhere.

No parent can keep up to the expectations of their children. But they will surely be the role model of every child. Do you know why?

Simple, the children will go through the same situation with their own children and then they would know, they had acted the same at this age, then it would be flashback time. They remember how the parents coped with this situation. And that is when the parents become role models and at that moment. They would know, why parents could never keep word with the children.

Children are new to this world, new to experiences, new to people. So with the little knowledge and experience they have, they decide, they act and that is where the interference of the parents arrive. But what to do? That is life.

So I am happy to say, one day our children would get to acknowledge their parents and appreciate their presence in their life. I hope it happens when they are living or else, the children would only have time to regret.

See you tomorrow.
Until then take care, Bye.

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