Sunday, November 3, 2013

Traditional Ethnic Food of Kerala

Tapioca is the traditional ethnic food of Kerala. There are many reasons, to get such a position. Firstly, this state, which is in South of India is an agrarian state, where the main occupation is farming and the source of income is agriculture. As you all know, in India, farming is not an easy job. Its hard manual work, no machine at all; and for that the farmer needs lot of energy; good and sustaining food to get the work done for half a day. A good and heavy breakfast is a pre-requisite for this type of manual labor. Along with that if they can get it for a cheap price, it would be an added bonus because the farmers are always poor, as they don’t get a fair price for their products.
Tapioca is a tuber which is full of carbohydrate. It helps in getting the necessary energy. It also is a poor man's food. It can be grown in the backyard of every home. Since Kerala is a coastal state, fish curry is the side dish used for the tapioca. Its really a great combination with respect to taste and budget.

To prepare Tapioca. The ingredients are as follows:-
1. Tapioca – ½ Kg
2. Grated Coconut – ½ cup
3. Turmeric Powder – ¼ teaspoon
4. Green Chilli – 1
5. Garlic – 7 pods
6. Water
7. Salt
8. Curry leaves – 1 stick (12 leaves)

Preparation :-

Peel the Tapioca (ingredient 1) and cut it into ¼ inches pieces. Wash it thoroughly twice and strain it. Grind coarsely the ingredients from 2 to 5. Place a heavy bottom saucepan on the fire and put the tapioca into it and pour the water (ingredient 6).The water should cover the tapioca and two inches above the level of the tapioca. Let it boil, until cooked. Then remove the water from the sauce pan(you can strain off water) and add the grounded ingredients(ingredient 1-5), salt (ingredient 7), as per your requirement and curry leaves (ingredient 8) and place it on fire and cover it, until the steam comes. Make sure that the tapioca doesn’t get burnt. If the water is finished. Just switch off the fire and let it closed for five minutes. After five minutes, take a big and strong table spoon and smash the tapioca along with all the ingredients. Taste it, in between, if it has sufficient salt. If necessary, you can add it now, afterwards, it won’t serve the purpose. Again mix thoroughly and your breakfast is ready to serve, with fish, chicken, beef or whatever pleases your palate.

So enjoy your low cost food. Have a great day.

See you tomorrow. Until then, Take care. Bye


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