Saturday, November 16, 2013

How Sad?

Today, I met a very sad person, who really touched my inner me. Just don't ask me, how. But one thing is true, tears do have effect on everybody's heart. So I would like to weave a story about tears and its after effect. I do not know, how it would be. But still lets take the journey together.

Long long ago in a small town, there was a girl named Roma, who was very jovial and happy. She was always smiling and gay, that everyone loved her presence. She had a pussy cat, which she loved with her life. One day, the cat went away never to return. She searched the whole place, nearby streets, forest, etc. But she didn't find her cat. She started crying and the whole town weeped with her. The next day and the next day, her tears didn't stop. It continued for days and extended to weeks. She went into the shell of sadness. She didn't allow anyone to get close to her. She never had a smile. She lost her lustre, the shine.

One day, her aunt Matilda arrived very very early in the morning, with two kittens - a black and a white. She placed it in Roma's room and went to sleep. In the morning, Roma woke up hearing the mew of the kittens. She thought she was dreaming. So she went deep into the pillows. But still the cry persisted. So she woke up and jumped out of the bed when she saw two cute little kittens looking mournfully at her. She immediately took her pussy's bowl and ran to the kitchen to fetch some milk. She poured into the bowl and ran to her room and gave it to the kittens, who drank the whole thing in a jiffy. She looked at them so lovingly, that it unlocked the smile within her, bringing back her radiance. It was like new sunrise for the whole world.

So guys, we all have our moment of sadness for sure. But remember, there are people who are affected by our sadness along with our deterioration in all aspects. So the best way is, if ever you are not comfortable with something, find the root cause of it and rectify it at the earliest or else you would get rotten in a rut.

So kindly take note of my advice, "Shoot Your Sadness From The Root"

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye


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