Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Wonder Smile

I have never seen a guest so angry, like the people, I met today. Usually, when a guest arrives, they would readily have a smile and a good morning or something. But these people were so straight faced, that the person managing their reservation hadn't the courage to talk to them at all. Seeing this I just an idea of weaving a story, just for you.

Lionel was the Managing Director of a big software company. It had branches worldwide. So on a daily basis he shuttled around the world. He could do that easily because he had no family, to say as his own. No social life too. So it was fine with him. One day, a charming young lady was his seat mate in the plane. She had the window seat and Lionel the aisle seat. This charming young lady smiled at Lionel and he didn't respond. He just took one of his files and started to read it. The plane took off and after sometime, the girl felt a stomach pain and she requested to allow her to pass, so that she could go to the toilet. He just got up and let her pass. No acknowledgement or a smile. She thanked him and went to the toilet. She was relieved and returned to her seat. Still no response. The journey was a long one and they would be closetted for more than twelve hours and the girl couldn't imagine a statue beside her. So she turned to Lionel and asked

"Excuse me sir." Lionel looked at her.

"Hi I am Martha." Lionel sighed and returned back to his work.

"Are you dumb?"

"No, I am not and I am not here for chitchat. Be kind enough and mind your own business."

"Wow!!! you talk a lot. Good. So what's your business?"


"well, that's good. But why don't you give room for others. You know, what you read is written by somebody. Its actually the work of many people. From the paper to the finished matter. No one can do singlehandedly. Can we?" Lionel couldn't believe this chit of a girl had so much wisdom. Martha continued.

"Who knows, that the person behind all these hard work is sitting right beside you and you do not have the decency to say thank you. So at least do the service of saying a thank you with a smile. Nobody is asking half your property. Its just a smile. There is no sweat or expense in that."

"Thank you Martha, what you said is right. I had not acknowledged anybody and now I know why no one appreciates my presence. I am good at what I do. But I thought it was my single handed effort. You have proved it wrong. I would always be grateful for this."

"Oh just leave the grateful part and by the way, what do you do, single handedly?" Lionel smiled.

"My you have a very great smile. Sorry. OK continue."

"I am a Software Engineer and I have a small company to say as my own." And there started a new relationship, never to be broken. A smile can really do wonders to relationship. Just try it and live with it. It makes a lot of difference.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye.


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