Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Wise Rain Tree

The next story is about a tree. The place where I am sitting has huge rain trees which has really stood the test of time. nearly 450 years old. So this story is about a seed, which came all the way from Africa to be planted by the Portuguese.

John was sitting under the tree and sleeping when someone nudged him. He looked around and found nobody. So he again went back to sleep when he was pushed from the root.

"What the hell is this?"

"Son wake up. You have been sleeping for sometime. Why don't you show your mettle and not just waste your time in sleeping. Look around, how much energy the nature is giving out. The trees, the birds, the sun, the air. They are giving out their best, the light, the heat, the beauty, the scent and what are you doing in the middle of this splendour?

Nothing. Son, now you are young. You have the energy to do what you like. But there will be a time, when you are fit to lie down in bed.

But sir, you are just a tree and not a human being. How do you know what happens to us? The tree smiled and nodded.

How long do you think, I have been in this very ground?

A hundred years?

No. four hundred and fifty years.

That much old?

Don't think of my age, or the number of sunshine and rains I have seen. Imagine how many people might have sat or slept or played under this tree.

Wow!!!! you are cool. But why do you say all this to me?

Because you are young. When I too was young, I too had a family in Africa.

Really!!! then how come you are here?

Its a long story.

Please do say what happened?

Hmmm it was long time back. I was then a seed fully matured and dangling happily on the tree, which you all call rain tree, when suddenly it happened. I fell down

"Ouch! It was not fair to throw me out of your cocoon mother tree."

"Child, you have overstayed. Now its your time to prove, what you are made from. Show your mettle to the world."

"But mother tree, how can I prove myself? I am in a jungle and no one would see me?"

"Wait and see."

After a day or two, a trekking expedition team from Portuguese passed by our tree. Suddenly a big rain came and they took shelter under our tree. They sat there, untouched by even a single drop of rain. They were awe struck by the enormity and the use of the tree. So they took some seeds including me along with them.

The team returned back to the boat for their onward voyage to India, which was a sea route already created by Vasco - da - Gama, a Potuguese sailor. They arrived at Kappad in Calicut. Its in North Kerala and then they travelled down South to Kochi, where it was so humid and barren that they decided to plant me and the other seeds in and around the place. I have been here for the past 450 years without complaint. If you were in my place, how would you feel son?

I really cannot imagine. With all the freedom, I am not happy with myself. then its rally trivial to ask, what would I feel, of I am stuck here as you. I would surely be angry and pulling my hairs apart. I might even curse, the team who planted me here. The tree nodded and smiled.

And would it make any difference?

I don't think so. It would be only me struggling, angry and filled with hatred.

Exactly. So better know, what you do is your choice. If you want to play, you play. If you want to sleep, you sleep. If you want to be happy, you would try. if you want to study, you study. If you want to become a good person, you try to be. So who has a role in it? Your parents or is it your teachers?

No sir. Its just me alone can do that.

Good. But while doing all these we should not lose our character. Look at me. I am useful to purify air, to give shade, to give wood and I try to retain that whole my life. That is my good part. But I too have my bad character, I shed my leaves and my old branches fall causing danger to those who stand under. It started when I started becoming old before I was strong. Now I cannot do anything about it. I fear that one day, they will cut me down. The people who had sat under this tree, played under this tree will be the people who would be in the forefront to cut me. But I do not regret because I have given my best to the world around me and I would give it till the very last breath.

But for human beings, you can remove the bad character by your decision, because you are a human being. But whether you are a human or a tree, we have only a short time to live. Live wisely. No matter where you are, live life for the betterment of your self. Then automatically all the people around you will benefit. John sighed.

"Thank you Mr. Rain tree. I am really glad, you spoke to me. And yes what you said is true, you have really gave the best for us. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. But can I ask one question?"

Sure, what is it?

Do you miss your family?

No son, just look around. There are several trees and plants. They are now my family and even in their midst I have kept my identity intact. I have lived up to the expectation of my mother tree and that is enough for me. Family is to help us grow and not for us to squeeze out their energy. Respect them. They would not be around always.

Thank you very much Mr. Tree. I will keep that in mind.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye.


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