Monday, November 11, 2013

The Unfairness Of Life

Today I saw a man waiting to snare a tourist into his net.The place where I stay is a very touristic place and my job too is the same. But I have an added bonus, I can write, what I feel. So I would like to weave a story of snaring - a good snaring, where both the parties get to benefit.

Tourism business is one thing, where we have lots of competition. So people go to any extremes to get business.

Jeff and Martha arrived at the airport for a week long visit of South India. Since they had referred to the lonely planet as their tour guide, they made sure, they kept their guide handy and took a pre-paid taxi from the airport. They were relieved to know, that they were not cheated or bargained. A very smiling driver came and introduced himself to the guests.

"Hello sir, madam, I am Joy, your driver to take you to Fort Kochi." They smiled and shook hands and moved towards his taxi.

"How long will it take to reach Fort Kochi from here Joy?"

"Sir it takes two hours."

"Two hours? But the guide book have stated that it takes only one hour?"

It was like that. But now, there are several traffic blocks and a metro station construction and the population increase along with the vehicle increase, we get delayed a lot."

"No no... you are cheating. Our guide book cannot be wrong. It always says, whatever we should expect and they have not told anything about this delay. Sorry, return us back to the airport, we would like another car." Joy sighed.

"Sir, you cannot change the car or the driver because it is a pre-paid taxi and you do not have to pay any extra penny other than the toll and parking fees, if we have to pass through at all. So rest assured, just calm yourself and enjoy the crowd and the traffic block and believe it by seeing." The guests resigned to their fate in an air conditioned cab.

"So sir, have you decided, where in Fort Cochin are you staying?"

"No not yet. But we have some idea, where we would like to stay."

"Oh!!! OK, that's wonderful. So could you please say the name of the hotel. So we can directly go there?"

"Oh sure" and specified the name after two hours, they reached the place, bone tired after the flight and the traffic block. They really wanted to strip off their travel clothes and take a long cool shower. But unfortunately, that was not to happen. When they reached their destination, the rooms were all booked. They went to the next hotel and there too, there was no place for the weary travellers. So seeing the dilemma, one of the auto drivers came to the rescue. He promised him to give a safe and clean room and also can organize a tour for the week too, for no extra cost. So the guests were happy and followed the auto driver and he put them in a very comfortable home stay and fulfilled all their wishes within a week, taking to places, where the lonely planet guide had not specified too and at last, the auto driver introduced his family too, who looked bedraggled in a dilapidated home and the guests were sad to see his situation. So they gave him a generous tip before their departure saying, "Thank you very much, we would surely return." The auto driver knew, that it is a fake promise, but still he hoped, that someday a knight would arrive in a shining armour to alleviate his pathetic situation. But the sad part is, the situation of the taxi driver was worse than the auto driver. But since he had a car, the guests mistook that he was far better of than the auto driver, so he didn't get any tip at all. I know its sad, but that is life, the unfairness of the situation is so pronounced that we should learn to cope with it because, what is for us, would come to us naturally. That is one thing, which we should learn and don't throw tantrums for the unfairness of our situation. So be happy.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye.


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