Friday, November 22, 2013

The Flowers That Stood Upside Down

Everyday I go to church, though I take my bath early in the morning, there is this lethargic feel around at the early hours of the day in fact the first hour of waking up, bath or no bath and when I go to church, its the same two bowls of flowers and two candles on either side. But today it was a blast of colours on the altar, that my eyes really went out of sockets and my sleep just shot off from my system.

Its very difficult to explain, but the way, they decorated the place and the angle with which a freely arranged long stalk flowers upside down, in the whole place, faced at the spectators and not a single one was turned the other side. I just wondered how can that be possible. Either they might have put pins or cello tapes. So I looked keenly, whether there was any. But none. So that means, the decorator knew the technique to decorate the flowers upside down without pins or tapes. At that moment I just got this feeling that, man has some unique qualities, which only one person has and that is this person alone. So I was awed, when I thought about the billions of population thriving around this Earth and all having some unique quality. Its simply Wow!!! Isn't it?

Then it just went deeper because in Church or temple or mosque we have the tendency to go more serene, where we get answers, just like that. The answer arrived, the presence of God in each person, is what brings the uniqueness, not just the human nature. When a person is united with his inner self, he is united with the higher level of him - God and that is when he gains uniqueness and that answer I got when I was near the altar and I stood there stuck. It was so simple and so easy and so soft and smooth. But no one knows it. Including me. What a pity.

So look out for the unique you.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye.


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