Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Anger - Spur Of The Moment Affair

Today I am going to say a story about storms. Some like thunder and lightning. But for me, I am on the chicken hearted side. But I have always wondered. How did it start in the first place. So I am going to weave a story, where I can break free my imagination.

There was a time, when there were no division between the Heaven and the Earth. It was heaven everywhere. The place was always filled with music, love and happiness. But there was one problem. There were no women in heaven. It was only Men.

The men were very happy. One day, a girl landed in heaven, a very beautiful lady. She had blue eyes, golden hair, rosy lips, etc...etc... All the male was awe struck by her beauty. But where did she come from? No one knew.

So one of the men, the courageous of the lot came forward and asked where did she come from. But no answer came. She just looked at him open mouthed. Then another tried, with a different form of speech, the action language. No answer. So they just left the topic. But then there was another issue. She was a girl - a totally different species, not even similar in structure or character. She felt hungry. She asked for food. Her voice was so musical that no one took notice of her request. She repeated again and again but no response. She got so angry that she took the next best thing near to her and threw it on them, which was a drum and it made so much noise that the musical vibration of heaven changed that a new world formed from the sound - A new Earth.

Its just a story, but there is a small truth, which we should know. Thunder and lightning causes when there are more electric charge in the clouds. In our life too there are situations when we are too charged up that explosions can happen creating disharmony. The only thing to do at that time is, be patient and count till 10. Just let the moment pass. Then the situation would be far easier and cool than it was before. Its just a spur of the moment situation. It will just cool off as quickly as it had arrived. So don't ever ride on a charged situation. It would surely cause the spark followed by a thunder.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye


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