Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mark your presence in History.

The place where I stay is very photogenic area. Its because it has a lot of history. Now in order to have history, it need to be there from time immemorial. So I would like to weave a story of time.

There was once a lame boy named Ralph, who wanted to be famous. So he went to his father and asked, "Father, what should I do to become famous?"
The father replied, "Do something good."

So he decided to do something good. But his way of walking made everyone laugh. He was always the butt of joke for everybody. Even then, he tried to do good. But he was more a laughing stock than a social worker. Seeing the humiliation Ralph was facing, his mother said, "Son, why are you making everyone laugh at you?"

"Mother, I am glad, that I can bring a smile to others face. I know, they are laughing at me. But I take it as a gift. God has given me, my lameness and I would cherish it and do whatever good I can do. Mother, don't be sad for me because I am not. Just be happy for me."

"OK son, whatever you say. I just do not want you to get hurt."

One day, Ralph saw an old man, carrying three bags of luggage, with difficulty. So, he went to the old man and spoke, "Sir, if you do not mind, I can help you with one or two luggages. The old man looked at Ralph with a smile and replied, "I would be glad of your help. But are you sure? Its a bit heavy.

"No problem sir, I am young and can carry all three on my head. But I am a bit lame. So the chances of falling from my head are more. But you need not worry, I have two strong hands." The old man nodded and gave his two luggages. So they both started walking and they spoke about the daily life, the climate and the people. At that time, some youths who was sitting in a coffee shop near the street joked about Ralph loudly, that he waved and smiled back.

The old man turned towards Ralph and asked, "At your age, they would be angry and would have started a fight for the joke they passed about you."

"Well sir, I bring sunshine to their lives. That is what I want to give them, a happy memory of me. Whenever someone thinks of me, I want them to remember with a smile. And that is what greatness is all about." This, the joking boys heard and they felt ashamed of their action. The old man nodded. "You are indeed a wise young man."

"Sir, what deformities or handicaps I got from birth cannot be changed. The least I can do is accept it and live with it, happily ever after and with that I create a history of my own - A Heritage Line." The old man nodded.

"Son, now you can keep the bags down. We have reached our destination." Ralph looked around and found nothing. He turned around to the old man and asked, "Sir its just an open space. I do not find any home here."

"You are right son. There is nothing here. I came to meet you. I am God,who came to test you. But you passed the test. What do you want from me. Wish for anything. I would grant you."

Ralph smiled and nodded. "Nothing Sir. I really do not need anything. I have everything I need. Thank you for asking."

"Good, I am leaving you behind in this world. So that the world learn from your actions." Saying, the old man disappeared. But leaving behind a normal Ralph, with his lameness gone.

True to the old man's word, Ralph became a heritage line for the future generation. Handicap or not, just mark your presence in history.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye.


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