Thursday, November 14, 2013

Limitations Of Life

Have you wondered why people are always going for tours? and travel around the world?

Some people say, to know the world. Some say, just to escape from the daily routine. Some say travel is knowledge, etc..etc... But if we go deeper, into the soul of me, I would say, I am in search of something perfect. Something that really makes me happy always. But for that, including myself we all know, that there is no place, which would fulfill our criteria. So I am going to weave a story regarding the eternal search.

One day Martha was returning home, when she saw a banner giving the Dream Holiday of the lifetime. So she decided to look into it the next day. But this made her think, what would be her dream holiday?

A holiday, where I would get to see the nature at its most beautiful state or great historical sights is also fine. But in the end, it should be a memorable one. A vehicle to drive me to all the places, according to my whims and fancies. A hotel, where its the epitome of luxury. And for long distance, I would like to take the aeroplane, where there is no waiting in between and a tour which brings lots of happy memories. Thinking as such, she decided to contact the tourist office the very next day, with lots of dreams to hold on.

Martha woke up the very next day, very early, prepared her breakfast, set it on the kitchen top and had it peacefully with the dreams still lingering in her heart. So with great anticipation, she waited for the time to call the tour desk. They were very happy to clarify her queries and comply to all her stipulations and more. But the tariff they quoted was for two persons. If she has to travel, then she has to pay for an extra person.

"But that is preposterous. Why should I pay for another person, who is not there?"

"Yes, Maam, I understand. So why don't you find a friend. So that she can share the expense."

"But its only me dreaming about a vacation. And who would be willing to accept this proposal? Anyway, I will find somebody."

"We have already a group ready. So if you are sure, you could manage a companion, then we can block two seats for you for three days."

"O.K. But if I don't find one, then what will happen?"

"Either you pay the extra money for your companion."

"That I am not willing."

"Then you will have to cancel the programme because its a programme arranged for only couples. So we cannot get any single persons. So please understand maam and wish you luck in finding a partner."

"O.K. Thank you. I will try."

Martha tried but sadly, she didn't find any partners and the trip had to be cancelled. So that is what I want to say. We have great expectations. But its not necessary to fulfill everything. That is what we call the limitation of life.

See you tomorrow. Until then, Take care. Bye


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