Thursday, November 7, 2013

Excerpt of Follow the Heart and Time Your Tide

This is an excerpt of my romantic novel.

Maria….Maria… where are you? “Oh My God! Sr. Lea!” She’s here? She wasn’t expected until tomorrow, that was what Sr. Damien had told. Maria muttered under her breath and ran to the dormitory, expecting the tirade of “I have told you not to do this, that and that and…that Huh.” But Maria was Maria. She did what she felt right. But for Sr. Lea, Maria was a mortal mistake sent to make her life a living hell.
Sr. Lea, the boarding mistress was a short, stout lady in her 40’s. She was always on logger heads with Maria. Sr. Lea was disliked by all except her relatives and friends. There were not many of them for her. One look at Sr. Lea, said it all. “She was ANGRY”. Maria came slowly to her with a wavering smile.
“Maria! how many times have I to tell you, not to bring flowers for my sick children? They might be allergic to flower pollens and there might be insects in it too but you don’t hear me. I have always told you not to disturb the sick children. I would report it to Sr. Damien. You might be a medical student, but you’re, a nuisance to my children.”
Maria looked at Roma, the seven year old who had been suffering from fever for a week. Her fever had gone, but she was too weak to get up. She knew, that it was not the fever that was making her weak, there was something that was hurting Roma. Maria knew each and every kid in the boarding. Today, after breakfast Maria had come to give Roma company and caught her crying into her pillow when she was totally alone, that was when Roma opened up. She wanted to go home. She missed her parents. Seeing her grief, Maria brought her favourite flowers to cheer her up, and now, Sr. Lea is shouting in front of the poor child. I should stop her free flowing words, thought Maria.
Maria, with a gesture of repentance, eyes down, hands joined together in front, spoke softly, “Sr. I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to make Roma sick.” Roma opened her eyes and looked at her fearfully, but Maria winked at her. Roma smiled at Maria and closed her eyes. Maria sighed and turned to go. “Maria, Sr. Damien is calling you. She is in the parlour.” “Me? For What?” “You have a visitor.” Maria, didn’t have a clue of who that might be. With her brows wrinkled she walked towards the parlour.

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