Saturday, November 9, 2013

Do You Have A Wish?

I am planning to write a story about a child who had everything. This came to mind, when one of my colleagues spoke about working hard to earn money.

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Ben. He was very very rich. He got whatever he asked for. So there was no cause for complaint. One day, he and his friends decided to go for a picnic in a jungle many miles away. It was all well planned and charted in advance. They decided the food, the servants, the route, the vehicle and the timings too. So a very big group of friends, servants and Ben set out for this trip. They started very early and they travelled for sometime. Then they found a large clearing near the river side.It was the first stop they had planned. So they stopped for breakfast. The servants set the plates for Ben and his friends and served breakfast of bread toast, marmalade, eggs and fruit juice. They had their fill and rested for sometime. The servants cleaned the clearing and waited for Ben and his friends. At that moment a lady wearing tattered clothes went to the river and jumped into it. All were surprised to see another living being in and around the place. They waited for the lady to come for air. But she didn't come. They waited and waited. But nothing happened. So the group decided to investigate. They removed their clothes and jumped into the river. The servants waited for them to come up. But nothing happened. So leaving behind one servant, all the others jumped into the river and to their utter shock, they were sucked into an underwater vortex. It was an incredible experience. They were rotating and rotating when a huge hairy man pulled them up by their hair. They found that it was none other than their Ben. To their surprise, all of them were hairy creatures. They didn't know where they were. They started wandering on the wide open land, when they found a big palace, a very beautiful palace. They went in and they found lots of hairy people working very hard. They were not talking or stopping work to see the new comers. So Ben touched one person and asked,

"Excuse me sir, can you say, where are we?"

"Sorry, I do not have time to speak. Ask the lady in tattered clothes."

Ben went in search of the lady with the tattered clothes. She was the very same lady whom they saw jumping in the river. She was sitting and mending clothes, with music in the background. She was the same lady.

Ben wondered, "How come, she didn't change after coming out of the water?"

So Ben went near her and asked, "Excuse me madam. Who are you?"

The lady looked up and smiled. She replied, "I am the fulfiller of wishes."

"Then how come you are mending clothes?"

"When I fulfill a wish, there would be broken hearts, relationships and promises. That is what I am mending. Its no clothes."

"Why are all the people here hairy?"

"People who have wishes become hairy and those who haven't are normal." Then one of the servants interjected,"But master Ben, what more wishes do you have? You have everything."

"Yes, what you said is true. But I cannot find happiness and I want that. Can you give it to me madam?"

"Only you can make it happen Ben. Look at these people. They want happiness too and they believe money can make them happy and they work hard for it day and night and they get it too, but in the process, they have forgotten their families, friends and relationships. Now my duty is to mend the broken hearts, dreams and aspirations of the family members."

"And are you successful in mending?"

"What do you think? Can I mend broken hearts, broken promises or broken relationships created by someone else?"

"No I do not think so."

"Yes, what you thought is right. If you have broken hearts or promises or relationships, then only you can mend it. I can only give an opportunity to fulfill your wishes. So young guy, you wanted to be happy. How do you think, you would feel happy?"

"I do not know Madam. I have everything, I could ask for. But still I am not happy. If you could advice me. Then I feel, I would be happy."

"Good. Happiness you are searching for is in your hands Ben. You do not have to go in search for it. I request you to work hard with all your capabilities and share your food with the hungry, share your clothes with the people who haven't proper clothes to wear, share your shelter with the homeless. Then you will know, what happiness is. Will you do that?"

"I am not sure madam because what I have is all my parents'. How can I share, what is not mine?" I have not worked even a single day of my life. Then how do I earn anything?"

"There is always a today, this moment. The best time to start is now. And remember happiness comes, when we love our fellow beings and share what we have with them. All what is given for you, your talents, energy, aspirations, riches, etc.. are for sharing and not holding it back for your sole purpose."

"But madam, we are not in the real world. How do we return back to our places." The lady smiled and nodded.

"Just stop wishing, you will return back to the river and from then on you can live your life. But the sad thing is, you would be alone because your companions value riches more than love." Ben turned around to see, that his companions had indeed left him."

"When will my companions return back to their families?"

"When they feel that they have had enough riches." Ben nodded and walked back to the vortex with a heavy heart. Not knowing, what to say to their families. So now he understood why the lady was not wearing tattered clothes. She was wearing the tattered hearts of all the people here. Now, he too was wearing - the hearts of the families of his companions, who was working very hard to become rich. What will he say to their families? He jumped into the vortex to return to normal life. He decided to work hard and share what he earns happily with the less privileged. That is what we call love.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care. Bye


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