Friday, November 1, 2013

Do You Believe?

Today, I asked a foreigner whether he believes in Rebirth.

He immediately and emphatically said "No".

And the Orient believe in Rebirth. How did that happen?

We are all human race in the same old Earth and still we have different attitudes. How?

Well, to be frank, I do not know. But there is one thing which you might feel funny, Look at your physical body, you have one body and different body parts with totally different functions. Don't you feel it weird?

Yes. I do.

Just look at all things in nature. This diversity is what makes it picture perfect. You know, the hand that works cannot do the job of the eyes or nose or the heart. But it is an integral part of the body, why because it makes the body run smoothly. So whatever the attitudes each person have, they are here for a purpose, whether they believe or not, whether they live or not, etc...

So don't bother of others belief or yours. The only thing that matters is, you are here for a purpose and that, you do it flawlessly. I hope you know what you are here for.

See you tomorrow.

Until then take care. Bye


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