Monday, November 25, 2013

Are You Planning To Fly? Then Do It.

I am really glad at least, all the other living beings except man can live however they wish, without spirituality, mentality and super naturality. I just put some rhyming words, don't hold much store about that, if you cannot understand. But one thing please do understand, we are several steps ahead because we have lost the freedom and that has created havoc all around. Look at the nature, it rains whenever it feels like raining, flooding or snowing or sunning. Before, when our forefathers said, that it would rain in mid summer and they specified a specific date for snowing and it did just that. But now, sometimes, we do not have winter at all, instead summer takes its place or the summer is off and the rain takes its place. We are not sure, what is happening. But one thing is for sure, we are creating it and that is all because we are disobedient.

You might think, what has disobedience to do with all these havoc. If we had played by the rules, do you think, we would get into this mess? That means we have broken the rules and where has it ended in more mess. But in truth are we in any form of slavery than our own creation?

No, in capital letters. We have the freedom to choose and we choose to destroy ourselves and look around, is there anything good we have done?

Nothing. Shame on you human beings. We didn't expect this from you. That is what the animal world would say looking at us.

You know, a bird can fly and only fly he does, it would not swim. A fish can swim but it cannot fly. But what about us, we can do everything and anything. But if we still say, 'look at the birds, how they can fly.' Then we should be kicked on our ass.

So next time, when you sigh looking at the others achievements, just remember, they have loads of limitations behind their existence but still, they overcame all these and came to the forefront because they knew they have the full freedom to sore higher and higher in whatever direction they want to go.

Now you know, what you should do, with your freedom. Think and decide. You are a man.

See you tomorrow.

Until then, take care, Bye.


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