Friday, November 15, 2013

Appearance Do Matter

Yesterday, the people were painting my place. So I was literally thrown out of my cocoon. But when I returned today, it was a new place, the face changed, the oldness changed, the shabiness changed. So seeing this I would like to weave a story, where appearance really do make a difference.

Noma was a lady, who loved nature, who always tried to connect herself with nature. She never bothered with her appearance. She always looked shabby. If any one commented on it too she never cared. She just was happy that she was not like the rest of the people.

One day, there was a recruitment of two nature lovers and eight scientists from the government level to be in the wilderness of the Amazon - An Expedition team. It was an opportunity for Noma. Though she was not highly qualified, the chances of she getting into the nature lovers section was meagre. But still, she applied for it.

The day arrived for the interview. She dressed in her usual way and came down for breakfast excited. Seeing her excitement, her mother asked, "What's special Noma?"

"Oh Mom, I'm going for an interview to go to the wilderness." Her mother shook her head.

"What's the matter?"

"I have a feeling you would not get it."

"Mom, that was not fair."

"No don't misunderstand me. But if you are planning to go like this, poorly dressed and looking so shabby, then I would surely not select you. I know you would not hear me. But if you feel, that you are in the right, then, go ahead. Best of luck child."
Noma nodded and went to her room. She was in two minds, whether she should go with her mother or herself. In the end, she decided to go with her mother's advice. She wore a dress, which suited her colour and which was comfortable, combed her hair and tied it on the nape, trimmed her nails, wore a serviceable shoes. She looked herself in the mirror and she was surprised to see a totally different person looking at her. She couldn't recognize herself. She felt good. She felt confident. She came down to say good bye to her mother. By that time, her mother had already gone. So she took her bicycle and left for the interview, which was not far away. She did it leisurely and arrived as fresh as new. Seeing the number of bedraggled interviewees, her heart sank, but still, she decided to participate. Even though she felt out of place. The most which would happen is, she would not be selected. So keeping this in mind, she sat in front of the interviewing board, gave her best shot because, it was interesting to be asked by the experts, talking to the experts, rectified the experts. After that she left for home, with a music in her heart and a smile on her lips and continued with her daily life.

After a week, she was surprised to find a letter in her letter box. She opened it and was shocked to see, that she was one of the selected for the Amazon expedition team. She couldn't contain her happiness. She raced back to the house and shouted to mom. "Mom, you helped me clinch a place in the expedition team. Do you know, what they said?"

"Tell me."

I was selected because I was comfortable with myself, presentable and clean appearance which was the main factor, that added grades to my selection. What you said is true mom. Thank you for being frank. I really appreciate it. Though, at that time, I didn't feel comfortable with it." She hugged her mother and whispered, "Thank you so much mother, you really did change my life."

"You are welcome, age do has its perks. Wisdom gains through age too. Now get ready for your lifetime trip."

"So one thing I have learned from this interview."

"What is it?"

"Appearance do matter."

Anyway, I would say, my business has gone up by 200% after the remake of my office. So best of luck to you guys.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye.


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