Wednesday, November 6, 2013

An Excerpt - Why Should You Love Your Parents

Can I ask a question Raj?

Sure Rafael, What is it?

Who are your parents?

Naturally, my dad and mom.

You are right, and can anyone say, what is their specialtye?

One thing is sure, the main specialty of parents is, and they are not short of advices. They feed us, cloth us, and try to give us a comfortable life.

Hmmm. that about sums them up, good Ranjith. But do they understand you, when you are facing a problem or do they know your wishes, when it blooms in your heart?

I don't think so Rafael, but sometimes, yes, they do answer our hearts but not always, they do not understand us.

Have you ever thought why our parents cannot understand us?

Because they are our parents, normal human beings.

But, do you know, why you thought it?

Because they sometimes are more dumb to our ideas.

No children, don't say such words, it’s because in you, you know that they are not your real parents.

Sorry, I had to shock you, it's better now than never, but first hear me, O.K? All nodded, dazed

Rafael, what do you mean by, ' In us we know?'

Good question, which is the part, that hurts more, when you are sad?

I don't know, heart? I think its something very inside the heart.

Exactly Tara, Something from our very inside and that is the same for happiness too, when we do something good, when you behaved properly, there is something very filling from the very inside, which overflows to the world outside, isn't it?

Thinking about it, yes Rafael, happiness
does overflow as well as sadness.

Good, now you know, there is a part which doesn't come under the physical parts of your body, which you cannot name it, but it responds, when you are sad or happy or hurt and that means there is a fully working part in you, that cannot be seen. This part is what we call the spirit or you can say you’re Spiritual Self or your soul. And that is the real Ranjith, Mathew, Raj, Tara and Ajay.

Are you kidding Rafael?

No, you should know it and grow accordingly. It’s complicated but I'll make you understand. Physically, like whom do you look?

Like my dad.

Without doubt Mathew, likewise, your spiritual self also look like another parent.
Rafael, are you saying that we have another set of parents and you know them?

Well, not another pair of parents, but yes, you all are the children of a very powerful personality, who looks exactly like your spiritual self.

Rafael, you are talking in riddles, how can we all have the same parent?

Who is it Rafael?

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