Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Weird Friendship

I had an Eagle friend. I do not know, whether it was a he or a she because I am not a person who messes with the animal kingdom. We used to meet everyday at 6 am at church. He on the nearby fire station building would wait for me and when I arrive it would give a loud cry, just to say, he is there and I would acknowledge by raising my hand and run to the church because, my bus arrives at the nick of time and this Eagle used to wait till the mass finishes and when I come off he again says bye in his language and flies off.

So after sometime, I had to leave the place and didn't return back. After several years and I went to the church, in the same bus and lo behold!!! I heard my eagle cry and looked up to find my friend there on the fire station building. I couldn't contain my tears. And when I came out after mass, it came down to the ground. That was the first time, I saw an Eagle at close quarters. It came near me, looked at me for sometime. I felt it cried. Anyway I think, it waited everyday just to say a final bye and flew off never to return because, that was my last trip to that church.

It was indeed an awesome moment because I never had a pet of my own due to my nomadic lifestyle but imagine the route map I had to go to get an animal friend of my own. Friends, whether human or animal is not gained I feel. We are destined to them or they to us. But the circumstances are very weird.

See you tomorrow. Until then, take care. Bye.


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